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We live to serve one another.

We are in an era where creating your own job is no longer optional.

The techs are taking away jobs and most educational trainings and certificates don’t match what the job market demands.

What to do now is to boost your value using the knowledge and experiences you have to satisfy the market need.


However tiny what you can do, it can become something valuable which can secure you a job and sustainable income. And whatever you have achieved so far is a stepping stone to the sky.

The art of business blogging can help you know your market need.


Thus, whatever level of education, certification, experience and exposure, apply them to a market need. It mostly involves solving people’s problem– the one you are passionate about.

Remember, every teachings and learning in the school walls prepared you to solve problems within the society.

Besides, blogging helps you know and understand what the market need is. It helps with visibility of what you are doing, getting jobs, building and growing an online business.

This power and ability to satisfy a market need is what we called a skill.

BillBlogger is in business of helping you monetize your skill using business blogging.

Our mission

BillBlogger is a digital marketing academy with the mission to help people monetize their skill using business blogging.

Our values



Life Purpose

Service to Humanity

Growth & Excellence

Our vision

To be among the world-leading digital marketing academy that helps people build an online business from their skill.

Founder Story

The initial exposure I had doing business was in the university. Towards graduation, I discovered there are jobs you can do online and earn money.


I started exploring, and the most promising one appears to be marketing. That began my journey into the world of online marketing. There are successes and failures but the important gift is the experiences and lessons.


During practice, I helped someone get his business online which translated into huge success. That gave me the idea I can do this for many people.


The road towards helping people earn income online was filled with pot holes as well until I figure out what works smoothly for me and my clients.


I realized the best path to a sustainable income is to have a skill that you are passionate about that’s invaluable to people.

Have this BIG takeaway

1. My top clients and students have problem-solving skill.

Some started with the general knowledge they knew and discovered their strength during the journey; thus, they pivoted to the topics consumer demand most.

2. They don’t have the quick money mindset.

They believe in the principle of the seedling. You plant one seed; nurture it consistently till it grows to become an Iroko tree.

Thus, if you want a sustainable income, embrace your skill. Learn how to monetize it and build an online business that will create jobs for others and distribute wealth.

If you haven’t discovered a skill, we have products that can help you.

Once you have sincere clarity of what you want to make a tremendous contribution to. Then learn to solve it, and your journey to serving people online using business blogging can begin.

I wish you the best as you join the business blogging train.

If you have a question, send it to adekunle@billblogger.com. Make it short, straight to point, and sweet.

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Disclaimer: The result you will get will be unique. It will be different from another student or client. How you quickly start getting results is how prudent you follow our orders to implement the strategy, how competitive the market is, etc.

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