11 Types of Blogs You Should Know


Ever since the first blog was published and people associated with it, found it useful, the art of blogging has grown into many types and categories. Now, businesses are taking advantage of it to connect with customers, strengthen the connection, and you can make money blogging as well. So, how does blogging becomes classified as […]

9 Ways to Make Money Online


You are familiar with the online buzzing activities, especially how people make money through it. There is no secret – they offer services of great value and high demand to their target consumer in return for money. In the ages of our fore-fathers where trade by barter was the norm, down to our generation with […]

9 Benefits of Career Blogging

Business-blogging-ultimate-meaning -of-business-blogging

Any activity you are earning from while doing it is an occupation. It becomes a career when you spend time acquiring the necessary training and practicing it for a long time. What is career blogging? Career blogging is a strategic approach towards communicating your career’s subject matter for an increase in value. It could involve […]

How to Achieve Professionalism in Blogging

Kanu_How_to_Achieve _Professionalism_in _Blogging

Life is about service to one another. Look at yourself, all that you are wearing, the food you’ve eaten, the shelter you take abode to shield yourself from rain, sun and cold; they are products and services provided by other people like you. You have to deliver yours to people as well. You will be […]

How I Got Motivated to Start Business Blogging


My world into online marketing started with selling people products, popularly called affiliate marketing. Blogging was the marketing tool I was utilized. Over time, I studied business blogging to an extent I discovered a suitable application- to help people create a high-income online job by monetizing their skill using business blogging. But in other to […]

The Facts About Making Money Blogging


From time immemorial, the days of our forefathers where trade by barter was the form of commerce to our contemporary world, where we are using money. What do you think is the source of this money? Value! If you have something valuable to me now, something that I need or want, I will give you […]

How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

shop_nigeria-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

Imagine you’re traveling by road and the tire suddenly got flat, “what kind of delay is this”. Yes, it happens. I have witnessed it a few times. But here is the catch; you need a vulcanizer to fix it quickly. You look around, with no one at sight, you ask Google for help: “any vulcanizer […]

How To Become Successful Blogging About Your Business


If you fail while playing a game, next time you will become courteous and more likely to perform better. To become successful at blogging about your business, these are decisions you must execute to win the game. They’re fool-proof lessons I learnt in my failure and ignorance days. I wish I knew better when I […]

How to Start A WordPress Blog in Nigeria

You can skip reading and watch this video. Step 1: Register Your Domain Name. To start a WordPress blog, you’ll register a domain name. A domain name is simply the web address that uniquely symbolizes your blog such as www.billblogger.com The name should connote what your blog is all about – though this is optional. […]