How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

shop_nigeria-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

Imagine you’re traveling by road and the tire suddenly got flat, “what kind of delay is this”. Yes, it happens. I have witnessed it a few times. But here is the catch; you need a vulcanizer to fix it quickly. You look around, with no one at sight, you ask Google for help: “any vulcanizer […]

How To Become Successful Blogging About Your Business


If you fail while playing a game, next time you will become courteous and more likely to perform better. To become successful at blogging about your business, these are decisions you must execute to win the game. They’re fool-proof lessons I learnt in my failure and ignorance days. I wish I knew better when I […]

How to Start A WordPress Blog in Nigeria

You can skip reading and watch this video. Step 1: Register Your Domain Name. To start a WordPress blog, you’ll register a domain name. A domain name is simply the web address that uniquely symbolizes your blog such as The name should connote what your blog is all about – though this is optional. […]

How to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress


You’re ready to migrate from Blogger to WordPress. You want to embrace the WordPress culture after getting acquitted with the enormous benefit it’ll impact your blogging business. You’re truly right … Before i delve further, click this for video guide if you love practical visuals. Now, to migrate from Blogger to WordPress, here are the […]

Beginners Guide: 7 Steps to Publish your WordPress Post


You’ve gotten a WordPress blog and want a sneaky guide on how to publish your first blog post and start blogging, here is a simple and straightforward tutorial guide. The 7 Steps To Publish Your WordPress Post 1. Login To Your WordPress Account Copy and paste the administrative web address of your blog onto a […]

How to Set up WordPress Website

After getting your domain name and web-hosting, install WordPress with one-click. With successful installation, you’ll be notified with a congratulatory message. To access your new blog, click the URL: This is what your blog visitors will see also called the front-end. This is where you’ll carry out more blog setup; configuration and settings; design […]