These 7 Tips Will Help You Create Quality Blog Post


One of the elements that will make your blogging business successful, generating stable income, is the quality blog post being published. The mantra: the content is king still remains relevant and will forever be in the internet business industry. If a blogger sells a poor quality product with quality content that meets its target audience, […]

How to Become a Successful Business Blogger


In other to become a successful blogger, the most suitable way to learn is to study how successful bloggers did it. The ideas I will be sharing are from personal experiences, what l learnt from successful bloggers and what they shared as secrets to their success stories. 1. Openness I had meeting with a client […]

The Difference Between Single Author and Multi-Author Blog


It doesn’t matter whether you’re already blogging or about to start, you’re smart for willing to know something about the difference between a single author and multi-author blog. In this post, you’ll understand their advantages and disadvantages to your business, and the factors that can influence your choice for either of them. Single-author blog This […]

How to Create A Professional Email Address For Your Blog


You’ve got a WordPress blog and want to create a professional email address such as “”. Know that cPanel is a platform that manages nearly all your blog components such as email account, files, speed, storage space, security and etc. Therefore, it houses email creation and management. Steps to Create A Professional Email address Step […]