Learn How to Set up, build, and design your own professional and beautiful WordPress blog

No technical glitches or coding, just Follow my simple step by step approach.

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Set up, Build and Design your WordPress Blog

If you’re new to WordPress blog or you’ve had an experience using the free version and other blogging platforms such as blogger and Type-pad but you want your own blog in your own name or business name such as

Definitely, the Master WordPress training course is for YOU.


You can set up, build and design your own WordPress blog within a few hours and start blogging.

Dear friend,

I know you might think this is impossible, that to set up a WordPress blog is tough, filled with all the technicalities and coding but I’m right here assuring you it’s easy and you can confidently create your own WordPress blog with my Master WordPress Training course.

You’ll be watching over my shoulder as I’ll guide you in the simplest, step by step process on how to set up, build, and design your WordPress blog.

If you can register your domain name, buy your web-hosting and perform the initial installation successfully, be confident, you can do the rest of WordPress design and become my brilliant student.

WordPress is one of the best, popular and most used content management systems on our planet.

The software is getting better and easier to handle every day and you’ll successfully create your own WordPress blog easily.

What’s Master WordPress

Master WordPress is an online video training course with 30 lessons where I’ll be teaching you in the simplest format, step by step guide on how to set up, build and design your own WordPress blog.

Don’t worry; it’s not going to be technical.

You don’t need to know about programming and coding and even if you don’t know much about computer operations, it doesn’t matter.

As far as you can type with the keyboard, press some buttons with your fingers and move computer mouse; definitely, you’re already fully qualified for this training course.

It’s that simple.


What’s Inside the Master WordPress Training Course?

Lesson 1: Domain name and Web-hosting 

Domain name registration and the purchase of web-hosting space are the most requirements you need to start your WordPress blog.


In this video lesson, you’ll learn

* What domain name and web hosting are?

* How to prepare for your domain name registration and choose the right one especially if it’s blogging business.

* How you’ll register your domain name.

* How you’ll purchase a better and recommended hosting account.

* How you will configure the register domain name to a hosting account.

* And much more.


Lesson 2: WordPress Installation

After registering your domain name and allocation of hosting space, the next point of call is to install WordPress.


In this video lesson, I’ll teach you

* What you need before carrying out an installation.

* How to go about the process of installation.

* And much more.


Lesson 3: Permalink Configuration and Settings

In this video lesson, you’ll learn

* What is a permalink?

* The different types of permalink.

* The importance of its configuration and settings.

* How you will carry out the configuration and settings.

* And much more.


Lesson 4: Plugin Installation

In this video lesson, you’ll learn

* What’s plugins?

* How crucial they are to your website functionalities.

* My list of recommended and the most important plugins.

* The process you must follow to successfully install them without a problem and technical conflict.

* And much more.


Lesson 5: Plugins Activation

In this video lesson, you’ll learn

* The simple process to activate each of these plugins successfully.

* How to configure some of the plugins successfully.

* And much more.


Lesson 6: Google search console and analytics configuration

Google Site Kit is one of the plugins you will install and activate. It has much functionality such as Google Search Console and analytics.


In this video lesson, you will learn the simple process and strategy to configure and render it functional within a few minutes.


Lesson 7: Search engines optimization (SEO) Configuration and Settings

In this video lesson, you’ll learn

* What SEO is and why its configuration is important for your blog.

* How to configure and carry out SEO settings for Google, Bing, and Yandex.

* The process you will take and successfully carry out proper configuration and settings.

* And much more.


Lesson 8: Theme Installation

In this video lesson, you’ll learn

* What theme is?

* The process you’ll take to install it.


Lesson 9: Design and customization for header banner

This is the beginning of designs and customization of the website.


In this video lesson, you’ll be starting with a header banner.

You will learn: 

About the logo, favicon, touch Icon and how customized their designs.


Lesson 10: Design and customization for performance 

In this video lesson, based on the theme installed, you will learn to customize the styling of the website and improve its performance.


Lesson 11: Design and customization for header 

There are some design and customization you can perform in the header section such as background colour, social icons, primary navigation menu bar, search form, call to action and much more.


These are many more you will learn about the design and Customization for a header.


Lesson 12: Design and customization for the footer 

There are design and customization you can carry out in the footer section. 

It includes the power to show logo or not, footer social icons, footer widget layout, footer copyrights background, copyrights text, background colour and much more.


Lesson 13: Design and customization for the footer widget

This video lesson is simply about a footer widget.

You will understand 

* What widget is, and 

* How to customize footer widgets to both your satisfaction and importantly, your consumer satisfaction.


Lesson 14: Design and customization for the home page

This video lesson is about the design and customization you can perform on the website home page.


It includes homepage layout, homepage slider, featured categories, post format icons, hover effect, home page Meta info, post comment number and much more.


Lesson 15: Design and customization for a single post

There are design and customization you can make for a single post, it includes the post layout, show category on a single page, Show Meta Info, author and date; Breadcrumbs, Highlight Author Comment and Date in Comments.


Lesson 16: Design and customization for a share button

This lesson is about customization on share buttons such as social sharing buttons position and social media buttons.


Lesson 17: Design and customization for a navigation menu bar

This video lesson will guide you on how to customize the navigation menu bar.


Lesson 18: Update overview

What makes a website function properly and execute its tasks are the software, tools, plugins and theme running the system.

They need to be updated to its current version and video will guide you how simply you can do that. 


Lesson 19: How to create categories

In this video lesson, you’ll learn

* What are categories and tags?

* The process to create them

* How useful they will be in publishing.

* And much more.


Lesson 20: Design and customization for a new post

In this video lesson, you’ll learn

* What makes a post?

* How to write, manage and edit posts to be published.

* How to configure and set each post for search engines.

* The relationship permalink has with post and how to configure it as well.

* You’ll learn how to save it as a draft, preview, make it private, and schedule for timely publish later.

* You’ll learn how to stick the post on your front page as the first post your blog visitors will see and read.

* How to link text to a website.

* How to make the linked text open on another tab

* How you can edit web address wrongly linked to a text.

* And much more.


Lesson 21: How to add multimedia such as images, videos, documents, and audios

In this video lesson, you’ll learn

* The processes it’ll take you to add images, and documents to your posts or pages.

* How to embed audios and videos to your post and page.

* How to attach the page to your documents, audios and videos.

* How do your blog visitors instantly download your images, documents, audios and videos with one click.

* How do your blog visitors instantly listen to your audios and watch your videos.

* How to add captions to your images, videos, documents, and audios.

* How to align images, documents, and audios to the left, centre and right.

* How to embed YouTube or any hosted video on your posts and pages.

* And much more.       


Lesson 22: How to approve the comment and manage the comment section

Like the title indicates, you will simply understand how to manage the comment section of your website as readers give their feedback about what is being published as and content.


In this lesson, you’ll learn

* How to manage the comment section of your blog.

* How to approve, disapprove, reply, consider spam and trash comments.

* You will learn how you can edit a comment to suite your blog rules and regulations.

* You’ll understand the various elements of the comment section.

* And much more.


Lesson 23: Configuration on website settings.

There are configurations you can do on the website such as site title, tag line, time zone, site language, date and time format, and weeks start.

This video lesson explains them and how to effortlessly go about them.


Lesson 24: Design and customization for sidebar widget 

In this lesson, you will learn how to customize with side widget with audio, image, video, search, etc 


Lesson 25: Email subscription configuration 

This lesson covers email marketing software configuration. 

Building the list of your blog visitors and converting them into subscribers is an important action you can’t have afford not to do. 


A lot of successful bloggers realized this as a great mistake later in their blogging life that they wished they never made it.

You can imagine the numbers of visitors coming to the website with no medium to follow up with you entirely lost in those ignorance days. 

Therefore email list-building is super important for you. 


So, in this final lesson, you’ll learn:

* How to generate email box.

* How to set it up and configure it for your website. 

* Where and how to add email box on your blog.

* How to control which blog posts or pages you want the email box to appear.

* How to beautifully style your email box to the satisfaction of your blog visitors.

* And much more.


Lesson 26: Post editor tools configuration

This lesson covers the configuration settings for the publishing editors tool. This makes the editor tool highly standardize for publishing.


This lesson covers:

* What editorial tool is?

* The available tools and how you can some active.

* The benefits of editorial tools to your blogging and much more.


Lesson 27: Contact form configuration

This video lesson entails:

* Contact form configuration,

* How to add a contact form to your contact us page,

* How to install and configure the plugin for sending a message,

* How to carry out a test and make sure email will be effectively send.

* And much more.


Lesson 28: How to transfer large files to your hosting server

In this course, some of the lessons you will learn are how to add multimedia files such as images, videos, and audios but this comes with limitation in terms of size.

Some of these files are large such as 400MB, 850MB or even over 1 GB of video, making transferring through the website impossible. 


In this lesson, you’ll learn

* The software you’ll use to achieve this purpose.

* The simple step by step process you’ll go about transferring large files to your hosting server.

* How you’ll generate the download web address.

* And much more.

Apart from the core Master WordPress Training course, you’ll enjoy:

1- 5 Months Customer Support Service (Worth #100,000)

For 5 months, you will enjoy customer support services related to the setup and design of your blog website.

This service time starts counting immediately you enrol for the training course.

2- Free Access to Master WordPress (Worth $350)

By enrolling for this training course, you have access to the community of Master WordPress forum group for life. You’re a member as long as you wish. 

This is where you can share your problems and ask questions based on the Master WordPress teachings and training.

We will be there for you, providing answers and support to your questions and problems.

3- Access to BillBlogger Facebook MasterMind Private Group 

You’ll have access to our exclusive Facebook group where we discuss online marketing, entrepreneurship and business development.

You’ll have access to helpful content and the best of advice that will enable you to prosper with your blogging business when you ask questions. 

You’ll be able to network and build a mutual relationship with other members and gain insights on how to grow your blogging business.

It’s a great community that will shower lots of goodies and benefits into your life in general.

4- 2GB of Free data from any Nigerian network for course streaming

PRICE - #43,000


Adekunle Kazeem is a successful digital marketer, online marketing consultant, online business strategist, and entrepreneur.Adekunle-Kazeem-3

He is the founder of BillBlogger; a digital marketing academy company with the mission to help people with life purpose builds their blogging online business and fulfills their purpose.

He has helped many people build an online business and is on the mission to help a hundred thousand as well. He believes firmly in life purpose creed as the facet to peace and prosperity in our sole respective country.


I recommend Master WordPress School. I want you to come, and learn. Come with an open mind because the school will train you, the school will also drill you because there are tasks and assignment for you to do. So if you know you are not ready to work, then you might not be ready to come to school. But if you know you are ready to work, you want to change your life. One of the things that the school will do for you, apart from all the features we talk about the benefits now, When you join the school, if you are making 100,000, believe you can jump to 1m, 2m, then 100s of millions. That’s what the school can do for you. The school can make you, can transform you being a jobless graduate or even if you did not go to school to somebody that can have a money-making venture in your hand and the school can you become, transform you from an employee to an employer of labour like for I have employed people in my organization and its knowledge from the school we are using. So the school can do a lot for you. No matter the situation, the level you are right now, the school can pick you up and put the knowledge into and transform your life and move you to the next level.
Dayo Adetiloye

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What I can tell them is, if you desire to want to be online, you should have a blog beyond your social media presence even if you’re doing things like cake or real estates and if you feel you need Instagram, you must have a blog still. It shows your credibility and in having a blog; is good that you know how to operate it yourself, so that it’ll not be like they say, there is a need for one maintenance and you’ve to call your engineer before you can do it or there is a need for you, say you’ve to renew your yearly subscription and you’ve to go wait for your engineer. When you understand all those things, which Master WordPress School will teach you, it’ll be very easy for you to take full control of your online or internet business
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You’ll learn something new and fun.

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You’ll understand some principles behind search engines optimization (SEO).

And much more. … ..

PRICE - #43,000

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