Within 5 Days, Learn How to Set up, Build, and Design your own Professional, Money-Making WordPress Blog

2 hours per Day: Live & Practical Training Program

Perfect for non-tech savvy - no technical terms or coding required

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Are you interested in blogging?

You want to start a blog and love to build it – so in the process, you can learn how to manage the simple and basic technicalities effectively and confidently without getting stuck on what to do next while playing around or working inside the blog?

It seems scary at times when handling a blog you don’t set up and design.

You will keep spending invaluable time and money on blog management services which are basic and relatively not complicated.

Maybe, you are bold to troubleshoot the problem.

You search the Google engine, scan every piece of information.

You practice them through trials with a risk that can further negatively affect the blog before you finally discover the solution after much precious time.

The time you never foresee will be spent for the day.

And again, the solution can be temporal.

You know how overwhelming and confusing it can be when you don’t know what to click to activate a function and not what to click in another circumstance.

A simple click of a button can make a blog website become blank, thereby generating huge loss and bad image.

Such an urgent and unexpected problem will distract your working schedule, making important activities undone and the day unfulfilled.

Thereby spending money not budgeted for, and it’s a must-have.

An average web developer consultation fee is #50,000 per session.

That’s for troubleshooting and finding the problem. On discovery, another unimaginable fee will emerge depending on the problem.

This could amount to spending #250,000 at a session.

And within 12 months; there could be 5, 7 or even more sessions for basic, not complicated issues.

Things you must have learned during blog set up, build and familiarity.

And you will be saving #1,750,000 per annum.

There are lots of benefits you will derive apart from becoming more knowledgeable. You will be more confident to navigate every space with knowledge and intelligence without fear or doubt for making mistakes. 

But if you don’t know, anything imaginable can happen, because you simply don’t know.

A client Tola, gave me an evening phone call after a glorious working day, while I was preparing like everyone else to rest for the night.

He told me his blog went blank with nothing to show for his readers and raving fans.

Through his voice, I could detect Tola was confused, his fear heightened. 

“What happened?” I inquired.

He answered “I saw an area so compelling and cute, I was curious – I only clicked a few things.

Later when I reluctantly checked out the front side, to my surprise and shock, nothing is showing … I suspected some areas I went to unknowingly. Any help please?”

Literally, Tola has been tinkering, wondering what he does. What remedy he can proffer before he finally called me as a point of last resort that late evening.

It was an emergency situation and I have to get access to the blog website, find out the problem.

Lo and behold, it was a simple problem.

I fixed it in a few minutes but some configuration settings have been distorted which need great re-work.

At least, readers will always achieve the most important goal – to read information while the rest can be done during working hours the following day.

If Tola had been patience, summon the courage to learn something vital for his life and blogging career – such a problem would have been prevented.

This practical training program will strengthen your confidence; make you knowledgeable about handling and managing your blog.

What past students are saying?

“When I applied for the training to set up my blog, I actually thought it will be difficult, but I was extremely surprised it wasn’t.

The teachings and practical training appears simple to me. During practice, I found every activity easy to do. But you have to pay deep attention to details and ask questions where you don’t understand or feel missing out.

I believe as simple and easy my experience was, it was due to brilliant teachings and guide the instructor did. He truly knows and understands this job.” — Jumobi Oyebade … www.jumobioyebade.com

“I recommend the blog set up and design a live training program. Come with an open mind because the school will train you, will drill you because there are tasks and assignment you have to do.

If you know you are not ready to work, you might not be ready to come to school.

But if you know you are ready to work, you really want to change your life; you have to embrace this live training program.

The school can do a lot for you. No matter the situation, the level you are right now, the school can pick you up and put the knowledge into the mind and transform your life and move you to the next level. — Dayo Adetiloye — www.dayoadetiloye.com

What the Training Program is all about

It’s a practical training program about WordPress blog set up and design.

Time duration: 5 days, 2 hours each day

Venue: No 17, Community Avenue, Magboro, Ogun State.

Contact: 08069845222

It’s 100 % practical, with no theory. You will be guided and taught in the simplest format, step by step on how to set up, build and design your own WordPress blog.

It’s not going to be technical. You don’t need to know web-programming or coding.

Believe this, if you can create Gmail account or any email account, open Facebook or Twitter, establish your profile and connect with your families and friends, and everyone.

Then, you’re fully qualified for this live training program.

It’s that simple.


What Exactly You Will Get From This Blog Design Training Program

1. You will able to register your domain name and purchase web-hosting service easily.

So, you can always do it anytime you want to start another blog or provide it as a service for someone or an organization.

TopStd edition1

As shown above, your blog is going to have a header, navigation menu bar, widgets (right-hand sidebar for showing information or pictorial frame), a section for all your blog posts and the footer.

2. You will be tutored and guided on the processes to set up and design a WordPress blog.

You will be able to carry out the initial set up and start building your blog.

During the process, you will be tutored as you take each step, what each element and function entails and their major purpose.

Its understanding will help you make the right decision without fear and mistakes.

3. We will guide you through the configuration settings for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We have devised a simpler and faster strategy for accomplishment.

This enables Google and other search engines to add your blog website.

4. You will be guided on the configuration settings for web analytics (web data and measurement).

5. You will understand how to publish your blog posts and create a few important pages.

They are: About us, Contact us; and Product or Service page.

6. You will learn how to integrate email marketing automation tool.

7. Every day after training, you will be given a test to practice, to gauge your performance and knowledge.

Additional programs

Apart from the live practical blog set up and design training program, you will get the opportunity to access other programs for growing your blogging business.

They are:

1. Blog Launch Formula: This is where preparations will be made to launch the blog for traffic and business.

The blogging business plan will be treated right here. It will be developed, open for implementation, monitoring and management.

2. Blog Traffic System: This is where we will help you craft an effective traffic strategy for generating consistent quality traffic.

Courses you will get are traffic blueprint plan, Facebook ads, and SEO plan.

3. Conversion Hack: The program aim is to convert your messages into sales and other business goals.

Courses to be benefited are product and service funnels, email marketing automation and sales campaign and conversion.


This is Exactly What the Price Covers

1. It covers domain name and web-hosting service.

You won’t be spending anything during the program.

Come with an open mind to learn and acquire knowledge, and your laptop.

2. You will be given a premium theme designed for blogging business worth $79 (#29,230) free, at no cost.

A theme is WordPress professionally designed template that determines blog outlook.

What to do next

If you truly want to set up and build your blog, become knowledgeable and confident at managing it while preventing expenses that can happen, you have to enroll for this program.

How to Make Payment?

1. You can either pay online using Paystack: a secured online payment processor trusted and used by large corporations and millions of Merchant in Nigeria and abroad


2. Transfer through a bank.

Bank account details for transfer or deposit:

Account number: 3870007008

Account name: Top Students International

Bank: Eco Bank

Account Type: Current

After Successful Payment – What’s Next?

1. If you paid using Paystack, a website to book class appointment (5 days, 2hours/day) will appear.

You will an instantaneous message in your submitted email as well.

2. If paid through transfer or bank deposit, send your payment details through text (08069845222) or email (admin@billblogger.com).

The details are:

  1. “Paid for Blog design live training”
  2. Bank name you paid to
  3. Your Depositor Name or Bank transfer name
  4. Your Email Address
  5. Teller Number OR Bank Transfer Ref Number

Within one business day, we will send you instructions on how to book a class appointment (5 days, 2hours/day).

You have Our Words

If you enroll for this training program and we don’t deliver on our promises as stated, request for refund. But we assure you again; to deliver quality training you will be happy to have invested at the end.

BONUS 1 – Large files transfer tutorial

As a mark of bonus, you must have downloaded large files such as music, videos or eBook.

We will train you on how to transfer large files such as 15 MB of music or eBook, 400 MB, 850 MB or 1 GB of video. You will learn to generate the download link and display it for readers.

BONUS 2 – Blogging Business Plan Template

You will be given a blogging business plan template to write and open for revision twice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The level of your knowledge and experience doesn’t matter. As long as you can surf the internet and operate a computer, you’re qualified for the training program.

It’s a 5-day program, 2 hours per day. After, you will be shown a website, look through and make your bookings based on day and time.

No, this training is limited to the blog website. We can discuss that privately.

Yes, you have 30 days of support services after the training.

Call 08069845222 or email admin@billblogger.com


Yes, you can pay twice. Initially before starting the class and before the class ends (probably 3rd class). Call us for this option.