Niche Discovery – A Benefit for Blogging about your Skill and Career – Part 2


Another benefit for blogging about your skill and career is in the discovery of a niche.

You’re likely to start blogging or enter the market space with a broad topic. I started my journey that way and likewise many successful business bloggers.

When you enter the market space with a broad topic, it means the problem you’re going to solve will be broad and highly competitive.

It’s like screaming “If you’re hungry, we can feed you”.

Many people are already offering that. It’s a highly competitive market space to enter.

But if you scream, “If you’re hungry, we can feed you with healthy tasty jollof rice”. This appears distinct with less competition. There are a few sellers or none who have discovered that market.

Therefore, when getting started blogging about your skill and career, there is likely to be vast solutions already. Thus, how will you be positioned for a profitable share?

What happens when you face the market space?

The reason why you entered the market space with a broad topic is that you don’t understand the audience problem deeply enough.

You don’t know their variety of wants. Hence, you have to start working things out.

But there is an exception – if you decide to blog about a problem you have overcome, that’s a narrow topic to be considered as a niche market.

You have unconsciously worked towards discovering it. But this is a rare case among many business bloggers. Still, many went through the process of discovery of their niche market.

How blogging helps you discover your niche

You can never know the hidden value of something until you start interacting and taking action on it.

You know how steel is being made out of pure iron ore. It takes refinement, upon refinement until the steel is gotten.

The same analogy goes for business blogging about your skill, career or business.

There are many hidden problematic ideas in your market space that your skill and career can tackle.

When you interact with a targeted audience; these ideas will be unveiled through signals on what they want.

Hence, you’re in the position to guide them alright on what is best in solving the problem.

For example, business blogging is a fantastic tool for marketing and selling any ideology, product or service.    

It is a mechanism for people to make money online.

Through experience, I located the most suitable audience for the solution.

Another example: Imagine you’re into weight loss using food and exercise as therapy. In the beginning, you might not know who to target.

As you blog and interact and demands were coming from females who are about to marry, you should probably know this is a niche market unique for your business.     

Final words

When you start blogging, everything will appear broad and unclear with no niche. But as you continue to interact with your audience, it becomes clearer.

They will demand what they want.

You will understand what products to create.

You will understand your target audience even better. Hence, go to where they are and communicate the offer.

But without going through the niche discovery process, you will be swimming in a large ocean with no fish to catch.

With niche discovery, you will be swimming in a small ocean with many fishes to catch.

Therefore, don’t skip the process if you want to build a fulfilled career with income, influence and impacts.

That’s success and business blogging will help you out.

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