Benefits for Blogging about your Skill and Career – Part 1


Who doesn’t want growth? If you like to boost the value of your career; either at your working place or within the job market as a job seeker. You’ve got to add extra effort, take extra-ordinary actions.

This extra layer of effort is to market your skill and career.

Business blogging is an excellent medium for achieving it.

At the end of this post, you will understand the extra value business blogging can bring to your career.

What is business blogging?

This is an art of expressing your idea, displaying your skill and showing your works to a targeted audience.

This is not the time for personal expression but talks about your skill and career in concomitant with what your target audience wants for their satisfaction and fulfilment. 

Nevertheless, there is room for a personal story. You can add it for easier comprehension of the message.

You know millions of people are on the internet, searching and looking for information of high interest.

Thus, the like-minded people you want to relate with could be reached with constant information and communication.

This could foster a cordial relationship and create an amazing community. 

Remember, the target audience could be an organization you are working for and their customer.

It could be your professional industry and its consumer.

How will business blogging benefit your skill and career?

1. Product discovery

Blogging helps you discover insights and problems that people face through their response to message or topic of discussion.

It helps you understand their context – what they found beneficial because that’s what you want to achieve as well. 

For example, I believe so much in business blogging as the best digital marketing methodology for marketing an offer and build an online business.

Through the challenges I had for growth, I have been trying to answer this question, who is this marketing methodology best suitable for?

The fact is business blogging is not for everyone? I have been setting criteria and standards for who want to apply for our training and knowledge even if it’s free.

I discovered it’s suitable for people who want to build their skill, have a fulfilled career and build an online business from it.

Also, one of my clients started business blogging with the topic “youth entrepreneurship”. From there, it gravitated to business plan writing business.

The wisdom behind business blogging for your skill and career development

It helps you discover a product suitable for the market. Expert calls it product-market fit.

I started business blogging teaching and training for everyone. During the journey, I discovered the parameters of people who bring greater value and reputation to the company BillBlogger.

This is what we want. It aligns with our business mission and vision.

The same trend applies to my client who discovered the amazing product – business plan service. The client might never have known this if he hadn’t started from somewhere.

What can you do as a skilful and career person?

a. Start business blogging with the only idea you have got. Remember, you must be passionate about the topic. It has to be your strength and you must have confidence doing it.

b. Strive to make this initial idea a product. My emphasis on “strive” because there are many blogging topics that don’t solve people’s problems.

I believe as a career person with skills for continuous improvement, you ought to be different. Thus, strive to craft your idea topic as a product when launching out.

For instance, business blogging training is a product topic for people who want to market anything and make money online.

Later, I discovered the segment of people the product is best suitable and valuable for.

Thus, let the topic you will use to launch out your business blogging have an element for solving people problem.

It will be useless if your idea doesn’t solve the people problem. People won’t derive benefit from it.

c. When you start blogging, your idea product gets better. In the process, consumers will influence you on what they perceive to be beneficial and best as a solution.

Nevertheless, as a leader, guide them alright because customers aren’t always right. You understand what they are seeking and advise on what you think is better for them.


With an open mind, communication and relationship with people about your skill and career, you will discover hidden facts that you might have never known in your field.

This is what business blogging methodology will help you achieve.

It starts with communicating your idea while consumer steers you towards what they find beneficial.

When you achieve this, you become essential to your workplace and the job market.

For enquiries about establishing your business blogging for career and business, call 2348069845222, 2348156054944, or email

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