How to Get Motivation for Business Blogging


Many circumstances can motivate you to start a blogging business.

One of such is money.

Yes, it’s important in our life. We all spend money every day.

Money is the reason you are reading this right now.

It is the main drive why you are in business, why we are in business and why you intend to learn and engage in a money-making activity such as blogging business.

You know what translates into money is value, which is in the degree of importance, availability and how beneficial your offer is to people.

People want varies and your performance has to be at par in satisfaction and fulfilling the promise.  

It can be overwhelming, a challenge which is the reason you’ve to reduce the drive for chasing money, rather chase excellent service first.

What always drive your spirit should be for a PURPOSE and NOT MONEY.

As a newbie, I had been deceived by marketers promising 4 to 5 figures in US dollar monthly.

How can you make such a promise when only what you offer are a series of eBooks, audios, and videos of the same content?

Not even an email support service.

Though coaching wasn’t popular, any means for support services would have been better.

You won’t like to be a blogger and marketer with money-grabbing as the only intent.

You will love to be a marketer with a higher purpose.

Most times, a performance that’s truly valuable to humanity takes time to accomplish.

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The reason a higher purpose as a driving force will always overcome money.

Imagine, you achieve the money goal now, what next?

If you think you’re smart to have a money goal, watch clearly as someone else with higher purpose overtakes you from the market and you can ask again, who is the smartest?

Money mindset is short-term; a purpose is visionary, everlast with goodwill.

A purpose is a clear business mission and vision statement.

For instance, you can establish a blogging business for better customer service delivery for a branded product.

You can establish a blogging business with the purpose to produce better quality products than what your peers are offering.

It could be an innovative idea you like to collaborate, gather ideas, insights before launching into the market and contribute to knowledge.

Whatever it’s, your purpose is the sole objective and goal for your business and NOT THE MONEY YOU WILL MAKE.

I remembered as a newbie, a marketing platform offers both physical and digital products, none of the products interest me but I wanted money.

So I applied to market a product for a fixed commission and I wasn’t doing very well with sales.

One of the causes for poor sales will be due to forceful interest to market a product I don’t really like but want the money.

But when I discovered another market place, a product with the idea and story of eating healthy, it captivated me that someone can be eating and at the same time lose excess fat, I applied and it was a success.

At a point, I was the best seller among my peers, who made the highest sales in a year.

The blogging business is beyond the money you will make.

You must have a sincere personal feeling, growing interest, innate passion and higher purpose to succeed.

You’ll experience challenges no matter your marketing skills but will scale the hurdles if you have these soft-hearted qualities.

Therefore, if you strive for the purpose, the money will surely be flowing naturally.

Money doesn’t grant wellbeing but the service to help, change and develop our world is where you will derive great wellbeing.

This should be your motivation for blogging business.

When you think about it, start acting.

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