Boost Your Resume and Become Valuable by Creating and Getting a High-income Job.

You must have come across the phrase “I can do anything kind of a job“. Well, you will be surprised many people are in that status, consciously or unconsciously.


Even I was caught up in the web unknowingly.


When I started my digital marketing career, my job was to market and sell a digital product.


From there, I got a big offer to help a career person transform his professional activities into a profitable online business.


While doing this job, I was everything from the front-end web developer to the content marketing strategist to the social media manager, media buyer, and product manager. I got immersed in everything to achieve the goal of building a lucrative online business.


Yes, we achieved it. I and the client with a team transformed a simple idea into an online business that consistently churned 6 – figures for years, now scaling towards 7 figures. 


Along my career journey, I discovered I have no key position with expertise, which was beginning to pose as a threat to my career.


So I summon for a change, break some roles and duties down into positions, and hire and train people to manage them.


This art of non-clarity of what you can do and doing it, no positioning, gave me a clue this is one of the problems why many people don’t get a job after schooling, graduation, and even all the self-knowledge and training.


It’s the reason why some people will enrol on a PhD program without not being a lecturer, a researcher, a teacher or in academic practice.


It’s the reason why some people will have two PhDs and even go for the third and why some people keep taking courses and programs in many different fields of study.


Wherever you fall into, this problem begs for attention. 


It begs for the need to have a resume. Even as a student in a tertiary institution, thinking about it alone as a need and must-have in the future is a good step and decision.


A resume is about positioning for a job and proving that you are the most suitable candidate for the job.


Yes, it takes effort and hard work to have a resume. And not just any resume, a first-class resume, just like your degree or certificate.


It can be disastrous to have graduated from school and not know what to do with the education and knowledge acquired.


If you don’t have a resume, you will be limited in taking advantage of the opportunities moving along your way because you will be asked to show it.


It’s a matter of 30 seconds and instant transformation.


Having no resume will make it difficult to stand out among your peers. It will be challenging to differentiate yourself from other candidates, prying for the same job.


Imagine the question, where is your professional history? No matter the timeframe, anyone who lacks a working history will be a job dreamer.


With no resume, it will be hard for an employer or client to grasp your qualifications and experiences quickly.


And yes, with no resume, there will be limited interview invitations. Most times, if you want to portray your professionalism and credibility, a well-prepared resume is the best, but you need it to convey such a message.


If you believe in verbalizing the descriptions of your qualifications, you can be prone to inconsistencies and inaccuracy compared to when you have a well-structured resume in handy.


Imagine you are seeking a job, and there is nothing to quickly glance through as your background and achievements.


It will be harder to visually demonstrate your career progression if you don’t have a resume.


If you say you have engaged in skills acquisition, showcasing them without a resume will be hard.


Also, it might not be easy to communicate certain qualifications, certifications or courses without a resume.


A resume will clearly show your skills and accomplishments, even when you can’t convey them well. But without it, there will be nothing to help during such conversations.


Higher preferences are given to CV, which is quite good, but in this age of competition, someone with a resume will likely get the job faster than a CV carrier.


In addition, many job applications are now requesting resumes to be uploaded. 


And again, imagine being in a networking session and not having a resume to hand out could limit your ability to make meaningful connections. 


Employers and recruiters often look for suitable candidates on social media, especially LinkedIn, and you will be sidelined if your profile doesn’t have the characteristics of a resume.


With no resume, it will be hard for an employer or client to grasp your qualifications and experiences quickly.


And not having a resume shows the person lacks a professional appearance and will be perceived as unprepared for the job.

All These Loose Opportunities Are Begging For An Answer

Having a resume shows you are career-focused. Whether the timeframe is 12 months or 5 years, it speaks volumes. 


With focus comes clarity of what to do as a career. Clarity is not cheap; it involves hard work and effort. But it begins somewhere, from doing the little things, such as having a resume.


A resume shows you have got a professional career up your sleeves and are prepared for the job. It shows what you are up to and what you can bring to the table. 


You can get into a spontaneous, interactive session that involves a job offer, just like I reiterated how I got a client; in that circumstance, a resume will come to your rescue in closing the deal.


A resume has the propensity to make your annual income to be rising. If you know the rules and dutifully obey them.


With a resume, you will stand out from others as uniquely as you are.


A resume makes it easy for someone to understand your accomplishments and qualifications.


With a resume, you can catch opportunities crossing your way. 


If you have qualifications for the job with experience, a resume is a sure bet to display it.


A resume will make you productive, positively impactful and living your life purpose in terms of your career.

The moment I decided to review what I have done over time in my career, I spotted key parameters that prompted me to make changes to boost my resume by creating a job that delivers high value. 


In 12 months, my annual income grew by over 600%. That’s how powerful having a resume can be. 


Also, a student of mine turned client embraced my resume ideology and its principles of boosting his income by creating a high-income job.


The result: his annual income went through the roof (over 10,000 times) in 12 months, which has consistently increased since then.

I recommend "Upresume." Mr. Kunle is my online coach and mentor. If you follow the instructions inside, you will be successful at marketing and selling your professional skill, getting paying customers, and build an online business venture no matter your market.
Dayo Adetiloye

You must understand that a strong resume will create a positive perception, that first impression on potential employers and clients.

If you want to display professionalism and keenness for attention to detail, a well-organized resume is your certainty.

Remember, a resume will highlight your skills, qualifications and experiences, which must be relevant to the job.

During a networking interactive session, a clear summary of your career background, which is your resume, will help to bolster the conversation and even reach a mutual deal.

You can always customize your resume for any job role. Showing your past roles, that’s the progress of your career practice, which is a trait of a strong resume, will help you get the job position.

With a resume, you can quantify your achievements, and quantification makes you distinct.

You can display your resume on a professional social network website such as LinkedIn or your website; they are a perfect fit.

Having a resume will make you stand out as a distinct candidate in a competitive market.

Imagine looking through your accomplishments; it can boost your confidence to do more and set higher targets. That’s what having a resume can do for you.

With a resume, you will know your strengths, assess them and figure out the areas of improvement.

Like the experiences I shared, a resume will prompt you to reflect on your goals, values and long-term aspirations.

A resume is your work history and is highly useful for a career review.

Having a resume enables you to update it for continuous self-improvement and skill development regularly.

A first-class resume shows you are career-focused and consistent for fulfilment.

Now, you believe having a resume is almost second to your name. It's your birthright.

To boost your resume and become valuable by creating and getting a high-income job, I created an Upresume program.


Upresume is a 90-day one–on–one virtual coaching and mentorship program to boost your resume and become valuable by creating and getting a high-income job.


We shall meet twice weekly, and other conversations will be via email.


Added to the 90-day coaching and mentorship sessions will be a 9-month service as your accountability partner and support manager to achieve our aim to boost your resume and become valuable by creating and getting a high-income job.


If we achieve the aim within 3 months out of the 9-month slot for support and accountability services, that’s fine, but the 90 day Upresume program and the service fee cover only 9 months.

Upresume program fee is $1,500.

When you consider the one–on–one coaching and mentorship sessions I will be having with you for 90 days.


The ability to reach me via my VIP email address and get a response within 24 business hours.


And the 9 months of service as your accountability partner and support manager for the tasks ahead, you will definitely affirm this is worth more than $1,500.


Also, what I am inviting you to do is a game changer – an entity with everlasting value.


Upresume will transform your career life and increase your annual income by a high unpredictable percentage.

The Careershift program comes with a guaranteed coaching sessions.

If you don’t like the experience, you can cancel the program within 4 coaching sessions and opt for a refund based on our refund policy.


Apart from the Careershift program, my digital marketing agency will handle the established business’s marketing and sales operational management.


Services will include digital platform development, content creation, marketing and strategy, and media buying.


All these services have been well structured together to help you establish a lucrative online business from your career practice.

Remember, if you don’t buy Upresume now, it’s until the next batch opens that you will have another opportunity.


And that’s about 4 months away. You can’t afford to wait that long, for over 100 days. You must have done something within that period.


You might have created a high-income job and ready to start getting offers.


In addition, by that time, the price I will be charging might have increased or doubled. So avoid the stories, buy Upresume today, and start the journey towards boosting your resume to increase your annual earnings and income.

Batch A Closes in


Remember that boosting your resume to become valuable shows you are focused. You aren’t dabbling from one place to another, moving from pillar to post. You know what you want, and you are going for it.


Having a resume to boost shows you are professional in your career, and your information is well-organized for communication.


Having a resume you believe in boosting for relevancy and great value in the market will make you stand out in a competitive market.


And remember that having a resume you want to boost will make you productive and valuable; it will make you positively impactful and live your life purpose in terms of your career.


So join the batch, and let us take you through the journey.


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