How To Boost Your Resume And Attract High-Income Jobs

Here is the deal

A resume is a simple one-page document that shows you are qualified for a job position.

It shows the life journey of what you have done so far as a career. 

The vital element about your resume is the job position.

You are confidently saying that you want this job position and can do an excellent job. 

But as a fresh graduate or job seeker, you are likely to have ZERO experience in this job position. 

Perhaps, your experience is not publicly known; not documented and organized to get you the job position applied.


Then, what can you do?

This is where the practice of career blogging will help you boost the value of your resume for that job position.

Even if you haven’t made up your mind on what job position you want to do, the practice of career blogging will help you discover the most suitable job position you must focus on for career growth, development, and ultimately success.

How blogging helps

Blogging is the art of keeping records of events and happenings about a specific subject matter, such as your course of study. 

It involves your unique voice and personality about your course of study to solve people’s problems and satisfy their wants. 

Blogging makes you think, curious, create messages, and publish them for people to be aware.


You can see how blogging about your career or any interesting subject will boost your resume and attract high-income jobs.

If you are researching this job position or generally your career, you can enlighten people about the journey using the power of blogging.

You can share an opinion about topics you are against and your perspective.

You can educate and enlighten people about what you think they will find beneficial.

Doing these will attract job opportunities and increase your chance of getting the job applied for, or you can create a high income for yourself.

The GOLDEN Benefits For Blogging About Your Course Of Study Is Product Discovery And Product Creation.

Blogging will help you discover insights and problems that people and business organizations face through interaction with your messages and their response.

This light bulb discovery helps you understand their context and perception, and it gives you an idea of the kind of problem to solve with your course of study. 

By discovering a problematic idea, you can build a product to solve it.


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Likewise, ordinarily getting a validated product idea is an excellent feat for your career life.

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