How to Set up WordPress Website

After getting your domain name and web-hosting, install WordPress with one-click. With successful installation, you’ll be notified with a congratulatory message. To access your new blog, click the URL: This is what your blog visitors will see also called the front-end. This is where you’ll carry out more blog setup; configuration and settings; design […]

How to Become a Successful Business Blogger


In other to become a successful blogger, the most suitable way to learn is to study how successful bloggers did it. The ideas I will be sharing are from personal experiences, what l learnt from successful bloggers and what they shared as secrets to their success stories. 1. Openness I had meeting with a client […]

The Difference Between Single Author and Multi-Author Blog


It doesn’t matter whether you’re already blogging or about to start, you’re smart for willing to know something about the difference between a single author and multi-author blog. In this post, you’ll understand their advantages and disadvantages to your business, and the factors that can influence your choice for either of them. Single-author blog This […]