Dayohub: From an Auditorium to the Online World


By Adekunle Kazeem. Lead Coach, BillBlogger.


I was sitting in this auditorium, listening to this speaker talk about youth entrepreneurship. As the seminar ended and everyone dashed out, I walked fast to catch up with him.

When I finally did, I briefly introduced myself and said, “what you just taught us can reach thousands of people through the online channel rather than this mere 100 audience members. And ultimately, you will get to reach more people interested in your published book.”

The speaker said he had sought help which wasn’t fruitful to his desire. That was how I got to work for the client with the mission to protect his career and business online. This speaker is Dayo Adetiloye – the founder of Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub (Dayohub).


Dayo Adetiloye is a serial entrepreneur and business development consultant passionate about empowerment through entrepreneurship education and youth empowerment for individuals, institutions, nation-states, regional entities and the international community.


As a business development consultant who wants to contribute greatly to entrepreneurship education and youth empowerment, Dayo Adetiloye has physically organized his teachings and training at schools and conference halls.

But he wants to digitally transform his career and business, gain higher online visibility, reach more people, and sell his published book and educational materials.


BillBlogger crafted a digital business transformation plan to help establish Dayo Adetiloye’s career online and build it into a lucrative business.



Over eight years, Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub (Dayohub) website has generated over 5 million views and reached over 2 million unique users.

Dayohub discovered a profitable market and created over 140 products that have served over 2,500 customers. The company has generated 7 figures as lifetime revenue and 6 figures yearly, and its revenue growth rate is, on averagely, 3.7% yearly.

Mr Kunle is my online business coach and mentor. He helped in build my online business from my professional career. I am glad he established BillBlogger to help many skilled professionals. I recommend his service and BillBlogger services. Dayo Adetiloye, Founder & CEO of Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub

The Aim of my Coaching Program

The objective of my coaching program is to make you become Invaluable in other to start building a lucrative online business. By being becoming valuable is to create a consumer-friendly product.

Once you become valuable and have an invaluable entity, every other activity and task for building your online business and establishing it will be smooth.

And let me tell you this, remember I said it took me 4 years to earn 6 figure income for my client. Now, that has changed. I have an advanced and upgraded online business-building strategy that will start yielding 6 figure income results within 12 months or at most 2 years.

The coaching program will involve:

a. There will be a 1 – 1 online meeting via Zoom or Google hangout.

b. You will be given tasks to perform, which I will review for better performance.

c. There will be a session for Questions & Answers.

All these activities and many more are in a program calendar, and I can review and make changes to this calendar at any time to achieve our monthly and quarterly goals for the program’s overall aim.

Coaching duration

12 months.


$5,000 or an equivalent in Naira is acceptable. 

Program Slot

Limited to 5 clients. I have limited clients I want to work with this year. Once I hit that number, I will close my program temporarily.

So, make sure you apply now, and let’s start working towards building your lucrative online business.

Apply now, and I believe our relationship and journey will be fabulous and harmonious.

See you.

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