3 Effective Business Blogging Strategy that Works



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Business blogging strategy starts with:

1. Blog post

You must create blog posts with one goal in mind: as a medium to follow-up with the readers.

As explained in the buyer journey, its purpose is to educate their mind on what they want to achieve.

Definitely, a blog post is a medium to explain the symptoms and signs of the problem.

Also, it is a medium to proffer solutions to this problem in the form of samples. This act can boost trust in your product and company.

Blog post serves as an indirect process of selling your ideology, product or service.

It helps build a follow-up relationship with the reader. This is achieved by giving him something invaluable for free (non-digital product for discounts, freebies, loyalty card, and etc) in exchange for emails and other contact details.

Thus, the blog post must align with the free offer either fully or partially for the reader to find it useful and willing to request for it.

At the end of the blog post, place a compelling graphical image that communicates the free offer or place an email box for readers to apply for the free offer.


2. Leads (email subscribers)

As you generate leads, start sending email letters to them.

There are 2 types of email letter

i. The automated email letter and

ii. the broadcast email letter

i. Automated email letter: These are series of letters already written and stored in an email software, arranged in a sequence to be sent automatically when a subscriber request for it.

ii. Broadcast email letter: This is a spontaneous letter you can send immediately to email subscribers any time or scheduled using the email software.

Thus, the type of letter email subscribers will receive first is the automated letter, later you can utilize the broadcast email letter.

You will be using letters to educate prospective buyers about your ideology, product or service offering.

You will utilize it for following up with them, convincing and selling your offers.

Most times, a prospective buyer is aware of his problem, what he wants is the solution. He either buys it now or later. Also, it might be he can’t afford the price. Whatever is the case, keep abreast with email subscribers.

3. Customers

You will use email letters to build customer loyalty and deepen relationship.

This act can make them feel more satisfied with your product, encourage them to evangelize it and become promoters. It also serves as a better channel for after-sales support services.

What to do now

You have got to start planning towards having a business blogging venture.

This entails:

Have an invaluable product to sell: You have understood it takes exchange of value to make money.

This means you need to solve people problems. That’s what people perceive as value.

Thus, what value have you got?

Do you have a skill, career or business you are making money from? It can be any valuable activities people are willing to pay money for.

If you have it, start awareness and marketing. You can’t build in isolation, you need people.

Thus, start associating with people, build friendship and they will become prospective buyers, customers and fans.

Follow these laid down process towards building a profitable business blogging venture.

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Adekunle Kazeem

Adekunle Kazeem

He is a digital marketer, a business blogging expert. He wants to help you monetize your skill using business blogging. Click his name to follow him on Twitter.


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