Create an income job for yourself

By monetizing your skill online.

Do you want an extra stream of income?


Have you been searching for ways to make money online, but it has been fruitless.


Perhaps, you have an online job, but the income comes intermittently and is not enough for the higher standard of living you desire.


Perhaps, you know there is no future in the job you are doing because it’s short-term, and you want a job with a long-term prospect.


A job that makes you happy, impactful to people, and makes you proud of leaving a legacy.


This peaceful income job is within you.


A valuable job for the money is within your skill – a unique ability and power to solve people’s problems and satisfy their wants.


Thus, with your education (no matter the level), certification, experience, and professionalism, use them to solve a problem. And you are on the path to creating an online job for yourself.


If you haven’t discovered your skill, it will remain hidden until you start exploring activities you like.

Besides, it would help if you let people know how beneficial your skill is to them. Also, you can detect problems to solve for them.

We are in an era of information and communication technology, every day; millions of people are online, consuming information and connecting with their friends and loved ones.

You can reach them with many activities you can do, and you will discover the skill they will pay for and considered valuable.


Also, you will discover how to apply this skill in helping people solve their problems. That’s where it becomes valuable for money.


If you have a skill, that’s fine. Learn how to monetize it online.

We have put together a 30-day email course that will teach you how to discover your skill, develop it, and create valuable jobs you will render to people.

You’ll discover WHY skill is the best route to create an online job for yourself, attract money, and even wealth.

You’ll discover the most profitable and cost-effective online marketing channel. The amount of work to invest becomes less and lesser as you progress through the journey and harvest is abundant and everlasting.

Imagine it like a farmer, but this one is digital farming.

You’ll learn how to target the RIGHT audience, create good content, and many more.

For REAL, this email course is well packed for 30 days.


You will be getting each lesson every day.


You have the option to join our private discussion group where you can ask questions about each lesson, express your opinion, and give suggestions for the benefit of others.

About the tutor


My name is Adekunle Kazeem; I am a digital marketing coach and consultant, business blogging expert and the lead coach for BillBlogger. 


My interest is in helping people build an online business from their skill and career.


I’m certified by HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Google Digital Garage, and Google Analytics.


Also, I’ve over 10 years of experience managing business websites and coaching people and small businesses to build and grow their businesses online. 


I’ve worked with over 270 clients and trained over 1,800 students. 


I’m skilled in WordPress website design and maintenance, business blogging, search engine optimization, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram Ads, and email marketing. 


I’m qualified to train you on how to monetize your skill and build an online business.


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Adekunle Kazeem

Lead coach, BillBlogger.