How to Write Highly Converting Sales letter for Business Blogging



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A sales letter is a landing page that describes and explains your product or service to a buyer persona. It’s mostly targeted at email subscribers. Nevertheless, it can be made available to blog visitors also.

Sales letter structural arrangement

They are:

1. Headline title

2. The introduction

3. The letter body

4. The real offer

5. Close sales letter with “scarcity”

1. Start with a headline title

This composes of pre-headline, main headline, and sub-headline.

Its purpose is to instantly grab the attention of the buyer persona and provide a solution to the problem.

For example, this sales letter by food babe, its major headline is “Have you been eating too much sugar lately”


Then, it follows with the sub-headline: “If you need help breaking free from sugar, keep reading!”

The sub-headline further gives better meaning to what the main headline is about.


2. The introduction

How you start conveying the message depends on the product or service you want to talk about. Also, it includes the current situations in the market space.

Pass the message across by digging into the buyer persona emotional state which can be fear, pride, guilt, and anger.

This means you have to understand the buyer persona state of mind and explain the problem.

Write the introduction with an in-depth description of the problem in worst condition imaginable, and remind him, if he doesn’t take any decision now, the problem will continue to get worse.

Use images to create visuals he can relate with and words he can understand to describe everything.

For example in food babe, the introductory message for the product is “Sugar is toxic.”


It means sugar is a big problem for many people. That’s the fear and guilt the buyer persona experience.

The introductory message goes further to explain the pain points, the possible consequences that will happen if the problem is not solved.

It says “It wreaks havoc on our bodies. Makes us age faster than we should. Destroys our skin. Makes it easy to carry a spare tire around our bellies and taxes our organs.”

3. The letter body

This is where you will describe the product, how it works, what makes it better than others’, and what makes it unique and special.

You will describe the benefits and what consumers are saying about it on social networks or online (this is social proof).

You can paint a picture of what life will be when you solve his problems.

In this body, you will prove beyond all doubt that the solution works.

Again, in Food babe, part of the product description, how it works, and its benefits are:

“On this program you’ll cut out sugar, feel great, and start to take control of those cravings once and for all.

You’ll feel more energetic, your skin will glow, and you’ll get healthier in just 7 days. I’ve conducted a lot of research into why it’s so hard to break the sugar habit and strategies that really work… If you really want to get sugar out of your life, it won’t be easy, but I can help!”


Thus, you must be able to create a sales letter for your product or service that explains the benefits the product or service will bring to the reader.

4. The real offer

This is where you get straight to the business of selling the product.

i. You will talk about what the buyer persona is going to get.

ii. The price.

iii. The product’s unique value proposition.

iv. What makes it worth the value of what the buyer persona is about to spend.

v. The guarantee and

vi. The buy now action button or order button.

Using Food babe as an example, part of the message that portrays what the buyer persona will get is:

“Know how to avoid sugar pitfalls and get the keys to success that you need to create a healthy relationship with your body and food cravings.”

“Why you need to detox from sugar to break the cycle.”

“Understand the difference between Natural vs. Refined sugar.”


This is followed by product price and buy now button.


As you can observe, the product price is $97 while its buy now button reads “I’M READY FOR THE FOOD BABE 7 DAY SUGAR DETOX – SIGN ME UP”

At the end of the sales letter, you can summarize what you have written for scanners to understand the product offer in 60 seconds.

Show every single thing they will get from the product package:

– What makes it worth that price?

– Why this product is actually worth more than the price.


5. Close sales letter with “scarcity”

Introduce any form of scarcity to purchase. This could be promo price, limit to registered applicants, and deadline.

“Scarcity” will influence the buyer persona to act faster and accept the consequences for not taking action in due time.

Remind them of the benefits, value, and guarantee and create “scarcity” along with it.


Using Food babe as an example, the scarcity method used was deadline and it shows the offer has already been close.

That’s how you can write sales letter that will convert to sales.

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Adekunle Kazeem

Adekunle Kazeem

He is a digital marketer, a business blogging expert. He wants to help you monetize your skill using business blogging. Click his name to follow him on Twitter.


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