Learn How You Can Become A Nigeria Millionaire Business Blogger

Hello friend,

If you are a professional, skillful at a subject or activity, keep reading this message.

You are about to learn the secrets process I took to sell my skills online through blogging.

Blogging is summarily an art of expressing your business to your consumers.

Nobody will know about it if you don’t strive to tell them what you have in store.

And your dream and passion for the professional skill will be reducing till you get involved in something else and abandon it unconsciously.

Before you know it, you have forgotten the skill you laboured hard to acquire.

To prevent such occurrences, you have to embrace business blogging, tell people about your professional skill and business.

In the process, you will understand their wants and serve them through quality customer service.


How I Helped One of My Client Monetize His Skill Using Business Blogging

His name is Dayo Adetiloye, a serial entrepreneur, international business planning and development consultant, speaker, trainer, and author.

One fateful day, he had a speaking engagement at a business seminar. As one of the participants, I approached him after the workshop and introduced business blogging to successfully apply it to his venture.

I coached him on how he can sell his youth entrepreneurship paper book online using business blogging.

While he was doing that, the opportunity for business plan writing materialized, which he knows how to do very well. That was how he started his career in business plan writing service.

How You Can Become A Nigeria Millionaire Blogger

1. You must have problem-solving skills.

You don’t have to be a professional to start. If it is a fundamental skill you have, you can begin business blogging.

For example, when Dayo Adetiloye began to blog, he only had a published book.

It is this book he was blogging about and selling. If you have entry-level knowledge in a subject, you are good to start.

You can start selling what you have right now.

2. You must have a professional website, well established for the business.

3. You must learn the principles for building a business blogging to sell your professional skill.

When you practice these three things, your sky will not be the limit but the starting point.

Remember, your income potential is based on:

1. How well you obey instructions and practice the principles you will learn in this program I am about to introduce to you and

2. Your market size.

How I Can Help You Become A Nigeria Millionaire Blogger

I have created an online course program.

The program aims to create a professional business website and provide online training on business blogging with the mission to market and sell your skill.

These are what it entails:

1. You will get a professional website name (www. your name.com), branded for your business and love by the consumers.

We will work together to get a quality business name. This makes your business look different and stay firm on its mission.

2. The website will have a logo that befits the consumer market.

3. You will get a high-speed website that improves the visitor experience.

4. The website is secured against hackers, data, and information theft. This is for visitors and readers utmost protection, and it adds glory to your business.

5. The website will be designed and customized to sell your professional skill to consumer admiration.

6. The website will have the facility for readers to follow you through email; therefore, communication and personal engagement continues.

7. You will be train on business blogging best practices and how you can use the website to sell your professional skill.

8. You will learn how to write quality blog posts that rank on search engines.

9. You will learn how to publish blog posts and handle the website even as a beginner.

10. You will learn the best practices to rank your website on search engines such as Google and Bing.

11. You will learn about Facebook and Instagram ads promotion and website promotion on social media.

12. You will learn to generate traffic from search engines, Facebook, and Instagram.

13. You will learn email marketing automation.

14. You get supported till you can well execute the training you have undergone.

15. And much more.

The Program FEE

1. If you look through the program, to build and design a professional branded information website is worth #350,000 in the design market.

2. Before we start your job, there will be a business strategy consultation worth #200,000.

3. The business logo and graphics will be done by our brand agency partner.

4. The worth for business blogging training is #350,000.

5. Your website’s ability to rank on search engines and be generating consistent traffic is worth #180,000.

6. The Facebook and Instagram ads training worth #350,000.

7. The support service we will give you worth #600,000.

The total worth of what you will be getting is #2,030,000.

But I won’t charge you that amount.

Not even half of it, which is the stipulated fee of


Okay, #592,500.


 You will get everything as stated. It includes:

1. A business website.

2. Business blogging principles training.

3. SEO training: that’s the power for the website to rank higher on Google.

4. Facebook and Instagram ads training.

And finally,

5. Access to Mastermind group

Price = #592,500


Dear friend, take advantage of this golden offer.

This is the time to sell your professional skill online using business blogging.

We want you to transform people’s lives, make a profit, and live your dream.

Adekunle Kazeem,

For the BillBlogger team.

This is Proof of Client Website Traffic Growth and Hundreds of Products and Services Generated Overtime.



Disclaimer: This e-book is not a guarantee that you will make millions of Naira within a year or two, but if you strictly and diligently follow the information in this e-book, i can guaranteed you that, you will definitely make millions. You will have a great story to tell me and perhaps others and become a successful millionaire blogger.