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How To Blog Like The Successful Millionaire Bloggers With Your Career and Business

(Plus profile of a few successful Nigeria Millionaire bloggers and tutorials on how to set-up you blog website…)


From:Adekunle Kazeem

Dear Millionaire Blogger,

Do you want to learn new, innovative ways of making money online?

Would you like to build your own website or blog, but don’t know how?

Have you ever thought about starting a career in blogging, but never took the leap?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place!

This e-book will teach you what you need to know about its fundamentals and principles, building your own blog, driving traffic to it, and making money online.

Everyone can benefit from this e-book.

You don’t need any experience or prior knowledge of blogging. You can practice it along with your career and business.

The information in this book will walk you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish.

By the end of this book, you will know exactly the art and principles of blogging, how to start planning yours and its execution, how to build a blog and run it successfully to start earning money.


We live in a digital world where about everything is done via the Internet. People all around the world depend on the Internet for the creation, sharing, and transfer of new information.

Information is a new technology that is being used to shape and influence our world as we know it.

One of the largest tools to drive information is blogging.

Last year there were over 152 million blogs on the Internet and that number is increasing every second.

Finally, this is YOUR opportunity to be a part of this rapidly growing, fun, and easy to join industry called blogging. A multi-billion dollar industry.

These are what you will find inside the book – The Top Secrets of Nigeria Millionaire bloggers.

Module 1 – The Making of The Internet and Blogging.
You will be learning the evolution and fundamental principles of internet technology and blogging. The clear meaning and definition of Blog. The kind and types of Blog we practice with practical examples and how to choose yours correctly.

Module 2 – Mindset and Trait of Successful Millionaire Blogger.
Here, you will be enlightened about the various mindsets and psychological traits you must have before you begin blogging. You must prepare your mind before you start taking action. These are the various mindsets and traits successful bloggers possess as well.

Module 3 – How to Kick start your blog.
You will be learning about all the tools you need to start your blog. They are all affordable, easy to handle and manage. You will know what blogging platform is. The various blogging platform that is available and how best you can make a wise choice and many more.

Module 4 – The power of blogging.
Here you will be learning the tips and art that will make your blog so powerful that you will create a brand and uniqueness for yourself as the successful bloggers. These are the techniques successful bloggers are applying. So you will be learning the practical steps and tips base on the painstaking study.

Module 5 – Detail tutorial on using Blogger to create a blog.
You will learn the practical tips with pictures to create your blog. It is so easy and well-tailored for the newbies or novice in the art of the internet and blogging. You will also be learning what a blogger is and various other information.

Module 6 – Practical tutorial on how to customize your domain name using blogger.
Simple guidelines on how to change your domain name from the BlogSpot to a customized type.

Module 7 – Practical tutorial with images on how to create your blog using WordPress.

Module 8 – Successful ways bloggers generate traffic.
Here, you will learn how to generate more and consistent web traffic to your blog.

Module 9 – You will be learning what Search Engine optimization is. The principles behind Search engine optimization. Why it is so important for your blog and how you can start applying it to your blog.

Module 10 – Successful Bloggers in Nigeria.
You will learn from the successful blogger’s stories. How they started and how they apply the art of blogging to their career and business. Nigeria bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Jide Ogunsanya, Loy Okezie and Dayo Adetiloye were carefully profiled in this module. It will be a great way to learn from these successful people, their practical ways and applications.

Module 11 – This is about various techniques and strategies on how you will be making money with your blog just like the successful millionaire bloggers. You will be learning the various means of making money from blog and how well you can adapt yours to be making consistent money as well.

Module 12 – The power of email marketing. Here you will learn the principle of email marketing. It is actually not in great details but the basics introduction.

Each module contains lots of examples, so you can see exactly what I mean and how to do it on your own blog.


Let’s see what a few people who already got the book are saying

I recommend the eBook “The Top Secrets of Nigeria Millionaire Bloggers”. Mr Kazeem is my online coach and mentor. If you follow the instructions inside this eBook, you will be successful at your blogging venture no matter your market… Dayo Adetiloye

This book “The Top Secrets of Nigeria Millionaire Bloggers” is a unique tool that has transformed my thinking. It’s content and pictures is easy to comprehend for a learner. Wow! The book isunique so go get yours now…… Ikechukwu Moses

“The book was brilliant!!! I never expected that much but really assist in creating my own blog! Thanks to the author….. Adekunle Idris

“As an aspiring project manager who love to effect positive change to life and humanity, I found this book will assist me in achieving excellence in any business or product or services i want to execute. For example, offering some services to the customers (businessman), marketers (some stakeholders may not easily trust there project managers) can sent for you (as a blogger on that project) to address there various needs, expectation, and concerns. You can provide many conflict resolutions, brainstorming, problem solving etc to help or effect or cause a change in human life. The book i also read along, make me to have a knowledge in opening blog in the corner of my room, is also a now and future benefit for me and to eventually achieve my aim and purpose in life because whatever things you are passionate about can reach the whole wide world through blogging and generate millions for you…. Rahman Tijani Taiwo

This book is a comprehensive guide for successful blogging. The information contained in this book is guaranteed to make you a millionaire through blogging if diligently applied. It is 100% guaranteed!….. Ogungbemi Shola CEO, Shalom Ventures.

The book “The Top Secrets of Nigeria Millionaire Bloggers ” is a fantastic one because when I laid my hands on it, it wet my appetite and enrich my scope with the ways I could successfully set up a blog and make money from it. It is practical and self-explanatory….. Sanni Fatai Adekunle

This book will help you to be educated about the use of Blogging to advance your business and as well aid you to educate a wide range of people via the web about a desired “field”….. John


To your blogging and internet business success.


Disclaimer: This e-book is not a guarantee that you will make millions of Naira within a year or two, but if you strictly and diligently follow the information in this e-book, i can guaranteed you that, you will definitely make millions. You will have a great story to tell me and perhaps others and become a successful millionaire blogger.