Skill Marketing – A Benefit for Blogging about your Skill and Career – Final Part


Imagine getting to a restaurant, and was ushered into a private unit with varieties of food and drinks.

You are to eat and drink as you wish for 60 minutes. However, within 20 minutes, you have become satisfied and left. In that case, you have got what you wanted and feel satisfied quickly.

That’s what marketing your skill using business blogging can do for your customers.

How it will happen

People share what they are capable of doing, either as a skill or an established career on the internet.

But, it doesn’t appear organized to solve people’s problem fast like when you were hungry and fed fast.

If visitors can’t detect what you are doing as quickly as possible, you have to be worried.

You will be losing potential customers.

Thus, business blogging will help you out. For example; at the top of BillBlogger home page, you will know what we do in a few words.


Every message you publish will appear organized like the experience you had at the restaurant serving yourself.

You pick the food to eat. …. Eat, relax, pay the bill and come out satisfied.

That’s well organized.

How business blogging helps with skill marketing

Blogging about your skill is going to be specifically about topics, a specific audience, problem and the solution.

People reading your messages will know either they belong here or not and will abide by the instruction on what to do next.

For instance, BillBlogger is about helping you build an online business from your skill or what you have established as a career.

It’s been well organized into categories of topics such as business blogging, website design, life skill, and traffic.

This makes it easier for readers to navigate and read as many messages to satisfy their want.  

For more information and to either follow your community or contact you, they can easily do it.

Blogging about your career shows competence, your authority on the subject and it boosts trust on whatever you say you can do.

Business blogging is an excellent platform for marketing your skill.

For enquiries about establishing your business blogging for career and business, call 2348069845222, 2348156054944, or email

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