Skill Mastery – A Benefit for Blogging about your Skill and Career – Part 3


If you want a life of growing income, influence and impact, you must not trivialize skill mastery.

You have to keep learning and practising the skills that entail your career.

You can’t master the skills within your career without social interaction.

You started your career in other to serve people and help them fulfill their needs. It can be cooking, managing finances, health advice, etc.

The duties and obligations of your career involve relating to people. That’s social interaction which is synonymous with business blogging.

When you embrace business blogging best practices, it will directly affect skill mastery.

Assume you are my client; every service I render to you will also be improving my skill. Likewise, every problems and challenges you are solving for customers will help in your mastery of the job.

Thus, business blogging serves as a mechanism to get more jobs. It helps in skill mastery.

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