Are you looking to make money online?

You desire an online presence, either to boost your career or existing business.

Perhaps, you have understood what it takes to make real money that you’ve to build a new skill, especially at this period where the job market seems blink – technologies are taking away all the jobs.

Or whatever your case might be – as far as you want to work online, do a great job and make good money, my eBook – The principles of blogging business will help you out.

It’s going to guide you on how to start and grow a blogging online business.

So Here’s What You Will Find Inside.

Module 1 – The facts about money: You’re to learn the truth about what it takes to make good money.

It’s like a law that has worked for me and many people and when you learn it and embrace it as your daily lifestyle, it’s going to work for you.

You need it in your blogging online business, and it’s going to be fantastically useful.

Module 2 – Professionalism in blogging: You will understand what professionalism in blogging is, what it means to be professional and the working steps to reach there.

It’s a proven strategy that’s has worked for me and many successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

Module 3 – Why blogging business: Yes, why do I recommend blogging business as an activity to build your skill, career, and business. You will discover many things in this module and in the end, I am highly certain you will appreciate blogging as an activity worth investing your time for the future.

Module 4 – Benefits of a blogging business: As the title depicts, you will know the many benefits of running a blogging business. You will understand how beneficial it’s towards boosting your skill, career, and business and appreciate why it really worth your time and not a wasted effort.

Module 5 – Mindsets and behavioral traits of a successful blogger: Here, you will be enlightened about the various mindsets and psychological traits you must have before you begin blogging. You must prepare your mind before you start taking action. These are the various mindsets and traits successful bloggers possess as well.

Module 6 – Introduction to blogging business: This is where I will newly introduce you to the job of the blogging business. You will understand what it’s, the most important use it has for your skill development, career development, and business. The discovery of this singular effort will save a lot of years, will be able to plan effectively and the go-ahead to implement it. The cost savings are enormous – that’s how I can describe it.

– Also, you will learn about blogging as a niche subject. Why starting with a niche is the best to launch out, how to choose your profitable niche subject and the core qualities that go along with choosing a niche subject.

– You will learn about blogging with a purpose, and understand why it is necessary.

Module 7 – Blog branding: This is another lesson I treated. What blog branding means, what you need to develop and brand your blog, the qualities for branding a blog and its benefits.

Also, you might care to know the striking difference between a blog and a website and much more about blog branding in the module lesson.

Module 8 – Target audience: After understanding blog branding, another important lesson for your blogging business is the target audience.

– What is a target audience and why the emphasis on it important?

– How to understand your target audience.

– There are sample data and questions you can use to define your target audience.

– Do you believe there is a journey your audience went through before finally finding you and buying from you? If yes, you will understand all these stages about his or her journey and how they’re crucial to your blogging business success.

– You will learn how to utilize your target audience journey and use it to craft content that will satisfy him or her.

Module 9 – Purposeful content strategy: As the name implies, you will learn how to craft content that will deliver on the purpose of your blogging business.

You will understand the simple strategy to get the real result from your content.

Also, you will understand what content is, types, importance, what makes content quality and remarkable and how the strategies to source for ideas and topics.

Module 10 – How to write an awesome blog post: Blog post is one of the most widely used content to propagate your message and sell your product or service. Right in this module, you will learn

– About keyword research,

– How to craft a compelling and attention-grabbing headline,

– The many types of an attractive and attention-grabbing headline,

– How to start your blog post, the introductory aspect,

– And many steps by step process for crafting quality and remarkable blog posts.

Module 11 – The anatomy of an opt-in landing page: Can you remember how I met you; you dropped your name and email address to learn more about my business – blogging business.

That page you inputted your private detail is called an opt-in and you will need it for your business as well.

You have to give room for readers who like to follow-up with you and learn more about your work.

So, this module is about teaching you how to create the content for this page. How to design and integrate email marketing applications will be sorted out in the Mastermind support discussion forum.

You will learn about the structural arrangement of writing an opt-in that truly endears readers to drop their private contacts and follow you.

From how to choose the main headline, to crafting the body content, to where best should you place the web-form and how to do design and many more.

Module 12 – How to write a sales letter: This is a simple step by step instructional guide to writing a sales letter that will make prospective buyers to truly believe in your product or business and love to buy your stuff.

No worries, it’s well detailed with examples that help to understand and start practicing right away.

Module 13 – Blog traffic and promotion: After publishing your content, it is time to drive massive traffic into it. You’ll learn:

– The various sources for blog traffic and traffic generation.

– You will understand search engine optimization – one of the free sources for traffic and the enormous influence it has in building a great everlasting blogging business.

– You will learn the criteria for ranking higher on search engines.

Module 14 – How to create an SEO-friendly blog: I dedicated a module for the topic. This is a powerful lesson; getting free consistent organic traffic from search engines is highly cost-saving.

So, as the name implies, you will learn the rarely known strategy to build a blog that will be truly SEO-friendly.

It’s a long-term investment and if you follow the rules of the game, your probability of falling into a problem later in the future likes losing massive traffic suddenly and getting low ranks will be minimal.

What I want to teach you is what the likes of Google and Bing support and is in love with.

Module 15 – The content strategy: Finally, the last module is the strategy for achieving one of your blogging business objectives which to get prospective buyers and make sales out of it.

This module explains in the simplified process what to do to achieve the end goal – sales. How you can utilize all that you learned previously to craft a winning strategy that will yield consistent sales.

These are simply what “The principles of blogging business” contains and is all about.

Additional resources: Besides, the eBook: “The principles of blogging business”, you will get free access to Mastermind support discussion forum via WhatsApp, Facebook or our website.

 Here, you get:

– Video lesson about keyword research.

– Video lesson about opt-in landing page creation and design.

– Ask questions and get author feedback.

– Email automation set up, configuration and integration.

– and much more.

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What’s the Price for “The Principles of Blogging Business”?


If you look deeply at what this eBook contains, you will definitely affirm this it is beyond the 13,000 Naira.

Its good research and written with the purpose to start making money from your blogging business. The inside information is golden, the knowledge you will gain will enrich you.  

Modules such as “the facts about money” and “professionalism in blogging” are a great piece that will strengthen you with the right and successful belief system about money.

On top of that, you will learn how to brand your blog, understand and define your target audience. You will understand to create purposeful content for your audience.

You will consume this great piece about “How to write an awesome blog post”. You will be able to design and create an opt-in page for fans and readers who love to follow you. You will understand how to write a sales letter like what you’re reading, learn about blog traffic generation and the golden information – master the craft on how to create an SEO-friendly blog.

You will find this eBook “The Principles of Blogging Businesshighly beneficial if you’re a newbie blogger. Also, if you have a blog running already, you will find highly essential to make changes to blogging business.

The “The Principles of Blogging Businessis truly a gold piece worth more than 13,000 Naira.

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