What is Career Blogging?


Any activity you are earning from while doing it is an occupation. It becomes a career when you spend time in training, acquire the necessary skill and practice it for a long time.

What is blogging?

Blogging is an art of keeping records of events about a specific subject matter such as your career.

It can be daily, weekly or monthly; in form of documents (text), images (graphic), audios (podcast) and videos (vlog), stored on a computer with the aid of internet to publish it for the entire world to access anytime anywhere.

Career blogging

Career blogging is a strategic communication about your career subject matter for product creation and building an online business.

For example, digital marketing is my career with business blogging as my focus subject.

There is a tremendous benefit in blogging about your career. It will help boost your value in the market place. Examples are an increase in visibility, gaining prospective customers, etc.

In conclusion, read: 9 benefits of career blogging.

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