Monetize your skill and build an online business

To make money online, you’ve got to learn a skill, be able to market it and build a business around it.

You know money is synonymous with value. And you can’t settle for less but to grow higher.

Hence, embracing a skill is the best option for your financial freedom and dream lifestyle.


If you ignore the skill aspect, you’ll be doing anything for the money and people will be pushing you here and there. You’ll therefore become a plan in their life rather taking charge of your own life.

There will be no freedom, passion and fulfillment for the job. No one would want that.

In contrast, if you embrace a job as a life skill – it’s within you. It speaks freedom and is limitless.


Here is how to go about it



Find a passionate problem.


Learn about it.



Keep honing your skill.

It’s a simple strategy.  Technology itself has made it simpler to build a valuable skill into a profitable business.


It doesn’t matter whether you already have a skill or not, learn how to build an online business from your skill.

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