Search Engine Optimization – The Life Wire of Business Blogging


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an act of configuring website pages for spiders’ easy accessibility so they can be indexed. A spider is a programmed robot search engines used to quickly check millions of web pages and sort them by relevance. An indexed page is spidered and its content is certified as appropriate to be […]

8 Steps to Rank Higher on Google and Create SEO-Friendly Business Blog


An SEO-friendly blog comprises of blog posts and videos that rank higher on search engines such as Google and Bing. You have a better chance of achieving a higher rank if your blog treats a subject that is micro-niche. For example: i. Personal finance management as a subject is broad. But when you divide it […]

How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

shop_nigeria-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

Imagine you’re traveling by road and the tire suddenly got flat, “what kind of delay is this”. Yes, it happens. I have witnessed it a few times. But here is the catch; you need a vulcanizer to fix it quickly. You look around, with no one at sight, you ask Google for help: “any vulcanizer […]