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How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

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Imagine you’re traveling by road and the tire suddenly got flat, “what kind of delay is this”. Yes, it happens. I have witnessed it a few times.

But here is the catch; you need a vulcanizer to fix it quickly. You look around, with no one at sight, you ask Google for help: “any vulcanizer vulcanizer-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Businessaround ????? [you type the street or the area]”. You got a few results and put a call through.

The vulcanizer is happy he got a job, a premium one for that matter and he gets this type of job weekly.

That’s the kind of job Google My Business will do for your business and it’s free.

You’ve to register your business on Google My Business to get listed. If not, you’ll be losing money for real either weekly or every day like in the food business – where we eat daily.

So, let this wrong habit stop today. Be smart like the vulcanizer who got weekly jobs, deals, and other opportunities.


Google My Business is one of the many services created to help a small business owner especially physical business such as a shop, dental clinic, school, bakery, pharmacy, and office grow through publicity and expansion.

Prospective customers want your product or service anytime anywhere.

Make it easier to be found whenever they want it.

What’s important is to add your business, by inputting the required information customers must know about your business upon discovery.

With the discovery, you’ll be contacted, visits your office or shop and streams of jobs, orders, deals, and purchases will be made.

No doubt, Google My Business comes with numerous benefits such as more prospective customers, more sales, increase in customer trust and bounty of opportunities.

So, don’t take this opportunity to grow your business for granted.

The 7 Steps to Add your Business on Google My Business

Step 1: Visit Google My Business

7d-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

Take a visit to Google my business and sign in using your Gmail account, especially the one created for business.

Step 2: Input your business name

1-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

Answer the question: What’s the name of your business?

Type your business name.

If it’s an existing business with years of customer service and operation, use the brand name customers are familiar with.

Then click next.

Step 3: Input your location

2-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

The next question: what’s the address?

Fill in the accurate address for easy location. Remember, an accurate address will prevent negative comment like “it was a difficult place to find” or “this is a fake address”.

If Google notices many negative comments, they’ll remove your business entirely on both search and map or decrease its rank on their search result.

But before such a penalty takes effect, they’ll give you appropriate advice and warning.

The location details are your country, street address, local government area, city, postal code, and state.

3b-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

Click next.

A dialog box can appear asking if this is your business. This is necessary if you’re sharing an office building for example. It could be a shopping complex or any business point with a similar location.

Look through the businesses, and ensure there is no similarity. If you notice similarity and love to make changes, use the go back arrow button at the top left corner.

Whatever the case, distinguish your office; give it that uniqueness within the same building and location.

If you don’t have a problem with similarity, choose “none of these” and click next.

4-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

3a. Where are you located?

You’ll be shown a map with the purpose to reposition the location if not well positioned on the map.

Zoom and drag the red pin to where you feel it should be positioned.

When you zoom, street addresses and places will provide clues for the accurate position. My own case was pretty fine.

Click next

3b. Do you also serve customers outside this location?

This is a straight forward question asking if your business offers home or office delivery services. Perhaps, it might be anywhere else outside your office or shop.

Either yes or no is the answer and next.

6-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

Step 4: Business category

Choose the category that best describes your business.

What’s your business all about? What’s your product or service theme? Mine is an internet marketing service and you’re allowed to choose one.

7-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

As you type, options will be shown. Choose what best represent your business and be careful at this stage. It can determine the rate and how you get the right customer.

If your business subject is not showing, and it’s an accepted popular keyword customer uses to find your product or service, include it as part of your business name.

As an experiment, I typed Vulcanizer as a business subject but wasn’t found in the business category.

1d-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

Vulcanizer is a popular profession, a well-known keyword in Nigerian. Customers are definitely using it to search for a service provider.

In this case, simply add Vulcanizer to your business name.


2d-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

Step 5: Add contact details

8-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

The next question: What contact details do you want to show to customers?

Fill the contact details for customers to reach you. This includes a phone number and website address.

If you don’t have a website but like to possess one, check the “Get a free website based on this info”.

Then, click next.

If you like to receive a newsletter with helpful information about your business presence on Google, check yes or no.

Step 6:  Business details verification

This is where the final verification will be made. Google My Business is going to verify every detail you’ve inputted. They’ve got to make sure it’s accurate and abide by their terms and condition.

Click finish if you accept to be verified.

Step 7: Verification procedure

There are 2 ways Google My Business will verify your details.

1. A postcard will be sent via mail using the address submitted. It’ll arrive within 14 days.

Type your name and click mail for submission.

This postcard will contain a verification code. Once you’ve got it, you’ll be guided on how to use it to verify your details online.

2. Another verification option is Live video chat.

During business hours, a Google My Business representative will have a live video chat with you. You’ll be asked a few questions, show them your office or delivery vehicle. You’ll be guided on how to go about the final verification.

To begin live video chat, the connect button will be highlighted for click.

Besides, you’ve got the option to postpone the verification.

My own live video chat verification experience was taking so much time, so I opted for a postcard by mail.

4d-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business
5d-How to Quickly Gain Google Online Presence for your Business

In conclusion

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to add your business on Google My Business and instantly start gaining an online presence.


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