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The Facts About Making Money Blogging

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From time immemorial, the days of our forefathers where trade by barter was the form of commerce to our contemporary world, where we are using money.

What do you think is the source of this money?


If you have something valuable to me now, something that I need or want, I will give you money now in exchange for it.

According to Kotler and Armstrong in Principles of Marketing, needs are the state of self-deprivation (something you feel you have been natural deprive off).

This includes physical needs such as foods, cloth, and safety; individual needs such as knowledge and self-expression and social needs such as affection and self-belonging while wants are the form of human needs that are shaped according to personality and culture.

For instance, if an average Nigerian wants to have lunch, he or she will opt for swallow food like garri with vegetable soup and water but an average American will order French fries, big mac with the soft drink.

That’s what they want and you have to serve them.

You have to sell value to make money blogging too.

That value can be tangible (physical in nature such as food, shelter, cloth), or intangible (in the form of services such as vacation guide or any phenomena tailor to people wants or need) like what I am doing (teaching blogging business).

It can be both tangible and intangible like a restaurant that provides food that meets your wants, solve your hunger problem with other services that comes it like a gaming center and relaxation outlet.

That’s value.

So, how will you create value?

What is the value?

Value is considered as something beneficial and important to another person.

Value is when you fulfill buyer wants or needs.

To create value, it’s within you, your mind and body.

It’s within your talent, your skills, and your strength.

Your talent is the natural way of thinking, feeling and behaving (habits).

  • It is an act you can’t do without daily.
  • You are always bound to take action, practice it daily which can be spontaneous and unconscious.
  • You are always thinking about it, have a feeling for it, and taking action towards it.

It could be any deed from broad to a specific.

Examples are teaching, singing, gardening, fashion, interior decoration, consultancy, buying and selling, writing, to any niche subject as it comes to your mind.

Let’s use fashion as a good example from broad to specific deed.

You know when we talk about fashion, it encompasses many aspects.

It can be female wears, men wears, female footwear, men footwear, styles to many other divisions.  

When you choose a specific field you are most talented at, that you can build authority on overtime, stand like a boss, with clear vision and mission, that’s the right path you should take and focus till achievement.

Gradually, you can now spread towards other fields you are passionate and visionary about.

By then, you will be buoyant enough to buy people and companies.

Personally, not being focus has cost me a lot of failures and struggles.

I wasn’t making edge way.

I will study this and do it, hear about this and do it and all were for a short time without any commitment.

Not until, I decided to specialize in one subject, stick with it till I conquer it all.

That was when I was making consistent money and building my wealth.

This is the right path I want you to follow as well.


Follow One Course Until Success

Your talent, which has been developed over time through habitual skills, acquiring more knowledge to your brain base and practicing is your CALL.


Your CALL is your Life Purpose.

Every individual is unique, even among the twins.

Their physical structure is a clear sign of uniqueness and life purpose.

Your life purpose is unique to YOU and only you and no one else can change it.

Surround yourself with positive people especially, a life partner.

Don’t start a job or project all because someone who has passed through the tunnel to limelight and wealth now signifies that “maybe that could/should be the path to follow.”

No, it’s the wrong path.

Don’t deviate from your call in life.

You can only study, learn the individual or company methodologies and success strategies.

And fashion ways to adapt it to your assignment.

As a believer: whether as Christian, Muslim and any belief you earnest, your major purpose is to serve God or any Supreme Being you feel accountable.

You are striving and always mindful.

As you are working on that, you will naturally be given duties and responsibilities (talent & skills) to perform in a relationship and also with your major purpose (to worship God or Supreme Being).

Because, without that, our world will be in comatose, confusion and there will no peace.

That’s why, we have inventors, entrepreneurs, traders, entertainers, singers, service providers, manufacturers, workers, and it is the fact of our life.

You enjoy their services and goods, and they are making money in return for rewards.

Your call should be likened to an assignment which you must fulfill on this earth, leave legacy and contribution.

And it’s your talent, which is unique to you, which you have developed it into skills over the years and keep developing until grave time.

It’s your inner strength.

And if you think, someone is already doing exactly what you deem your call.

That shouldn’t make you weak because you have something different and even better.

You can never be that person because you have yours.

I have thought about it before and have heard from people who had recounted their experiences too.

Don’t give in for such negative thought and excuses.

No one is allowed a monopoly of any phenomenon.

The individual who started it might only have all the privileges of being the only one.

Others have the same call too and can even perform better.

But the inventor will have the privilege of everlasting prestige and possibly wealth.

Our world is driven by competition and that’s part of what makes it a better and peaceful place.

If your call is what I am doing (blogging business)

Do it!

Practice it.

And let’s collaborate with benefits along the way.

Don’t give room for any negative thought and excuses.

In conclusion, your talent is your call, and your call is an assignment.

This is what you have visualized.

You have great confidence in the picture (vision).

It is achievable.

If someone deems it can’t happen, it’s simply because they don’t see what you are seeing.

They should face their call while you keep a close relationship with positive people.

You are certain of success, wealth, prestige and other goodies that will come.

If you can dream it, then you can do it and it will be alive.

All you need are determination, perspiration, and patience.

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