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Blogging as a Tool to Build Massive Impact Influence and Income

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How can you utilize blogging as a tool for building massive impact, influence and income?

To get started: What is blogging?

Blogging is an art of keeping records of events about a specific subject matter such as your skill or career.

It can be daily, weekly or monthly; in form of documents (text), images (graphic), audios (podcast) and videos (vlog), stored with the aid of internet for the entire world to access anytime anywhere.


Check out this for deeper explanation of business blogging.

So, blogging is an art of keeping record of events about a specific subject using text (as I am doing), graphical images, audios and videos.

All these contents are stored on the internet. They are available for people to read, watch, and listened to any time any day using internet technology.

Thus, blogging is a tool for communicating with people.

How can you utilize this blogging tool to build massive impact, influence and income?

The answer is “product”.

Impact is simply about changing peoples’ lives directly. 

Influence is about changing people as well but indirectly.

Income is about money and earnings.

In other to achieve these 3 I (Impact, Influence and Income); you need an entity that can grant all at once or one after the other.

That entity is a “product”.

Don’t start business blogging without a product to market and sell.

The cost to establish a standard business blogging venture that gears towards impact, influence and income is expensive.

Thus, you can’t afford to play an unserious game with it or practice blogging as a hobby.

You need to start business blogging with a product.

What is product?

Product is simply anything that solves people’s problem.

An example is the tools I have used to make this content available for you.

They are: laptop, internet connectivity, operating system, word processing software, storage servers, etc.

These are products solving one problem or the other for me.

That’s the essence of life.

I believe you and I have the duty and responsibility to solve problems in whatever ability and capacity we deem fit.

Thus, bring product to the table when you want to start blogging.


“Think yourself as a product” and create product

Do you wake up and think yourself as a product?

And that you can create product? If no, you need to start thinking like that.

You need to feel that you have the duty to solve people’s problems.

Product is hard to create

Yes, it is – but at the same time it’s easy. You will understand how to achieve it as you read.

3 Ingredients to “think yourself as a product” and create a product

1. Passion

What is that activity you enjoy doing almost every day? It involves actions and it could be anything beneficial to humanity.

As passionate as you are doing these activities, you have to figure out how you can use it to solve problems for people.

That’s how you will build impact, influence and income.

For instance, you enjoy solving mathematical problems. As you do this, you have to figure out how you can apply it to solve problem.

Of course this problem, you have to be passionate about it.

Thus, whatever activity you are passionate about, make sure your love for it is increasing. This is where your sincerity is needed.

One way your passion will be increasing is through consistent interaction with that activity.

It’s in similitude with the relationship you have with families and friends.

The more you associate and connect, the higher the passion.

Thus, if you leave this passionate activity, it will be declining and this is not good for your goal of attaining massive impact, influence and income.

So, make sure you keep the fire burning through constant interaction with the activity.

What if you are having an interaction with the activity and the passion is decreasing?

I will advise you leave such activity. Don’t waste time struggling with an activity that won’t grant you joy and peace.

Try something else, keep seeking and you will find it.

Passion for an activity is a gift. Many people will dislike doing what you love because they don’t have interest.

You have to do your own thing while they do theirs.

Sincerity is paramount when it comes to creating product and solving problem.

Don’t get tempted going the other way round for money. Its wrong mindsets that’s short-lived.

The mindset to solve problems is better and you will earn income as well.

2. Focus

The second ingredient you need in order to think yourself as a product and create product is focus.

Remember, this is about solving problem.

In other to successfully achieve this feat time after time even after launching your product into the market, you need to avoid distractions.


Circumstances will surely come to distract you.

This is true if you are solving a great problem with the prospect of massive impact, influence and income.

In essence, you have to be knowledgeable to recognize and understand them as distraction so you can push it out of the way.

Also, you need to learn how to prevent distractions while on the journey.

You are not perfect likewise no one. So whatever you have discovered to be distracting, plan ahead to prevent such circumstances to never happen again.

Thus, to be laser focus is a mental habit you must cultivate in other to solve problems and think yourself as a product.

Focus on one statement of problem till you succeed.

Don’t get involve into many things and problems. You might not be successful at solving them.

I have never seen anyone who achieves success juggling many things together. It doesn’t work, therefore focus on one.

The FOCUS acronym still remains: Follow One Cause Until Successful


3. Pondering

The third and final ingredient to “think yourself as a product” and create product is pondering.

Remember, product is the right path to build massive impact, influence and income and it’s all about solving problems.

Pondering is one of the mental habits you have to cultivate in other to solve problems and create product.

Pondering literally means to think about something in order to make cogent decision.

pondering meaning - Google Search

In this case, to solve problem, you will keep thinking about the solutions to the problem consistently.

Wherever you are, keep pondering about the solution to the problem.

You could be eating and be pondering, be in the shower and ponder.

You could be driving, walking or in relax state of mind where your mind is not busy and be pondering about the solution to the problem you are working on.

Pondering is a powerful mechanism for attracting the solution you are thinking about.

It comes with feedbacks in the form of clues, information, signs and even vision (mental picture).

Pondering is like speaking to God (if you are a believer) or the Universe. And you will be getting feedbacks for what you are sincerely seeking consistently without giving up.

Imagine you send me an email with the subject “I want to book an appointment”.

And you are consistent with the message that you never give up.

One day, I opened my email box and out of 50 emails on the first page, your email subject “I want to book an appointment” appears 48 times.

Which emails do you think I will attend to first?

Surely, I don’t have any choice but to attend to you first because you look so important with your message everywhere.

Thus, pondering is one the mental habit for content creators.

The feedback to what you are thinking in terms of solution to a problem could come in different format.

It could come while watching a TV or surfing the internet, it could be a random book or document you are reading.

It could be from conversation with anybody.

It could be any sign you intelligently observe and it gives clues to what you are seeking. The feedback mechanism is limitless.

The 3 Mental Powers

Passion, focus and pondering are mental powers you need to keep working on to “think yourself as a product” and create product (solve bigger problems).

They are mental habits you must cultivate and make them become part of your attitude and lifestyle.

The Power of Ease

The manifestation of these mental powers in solving problems comes down to ONE thing: EASE.

Ease of doing an activity.

To know you have got the activity that will lead you to solve problem, you will find it easy to love.

You will find it easy to focus on the activity.

You will find pondering on it easy and fun to do.

Search around people who are successful, making massive impact; influence and income; you will notice they find their activity easy to do.

Be it comedy, coding, surgery, teaching, community leadership, footballer, etc, its super easy for them.

They found it very easy to keep solving problems and face challenges because they possess the mental powers.

For example, a surgeon understands the human body. If there is a problem, they understand how to open the body and make corrections.

But another person will throw up and vomit. It is because the job doesn’t belong to him but to someone else.

Thus, a surgeon is very passionate about opening the human body and working on it. He finds it easier to focus and ponder on when they face challenges.

Ease of activity is paramount in solving problems.

You need to find an activity you find easier to do.

And if you have discovered it, start solving problem with it.

Jim Rohn Quote

To buttress my points about embracing an activity that is easy for you to solve problems using the mental powers parameters, here is a quote from the motivational speaker and entrepreneur Jim Rohn.

I did not neglect to do the easy thing I can do every day for 6 years

I found something easy I can do that led to fortune and I did not neglect to do it.”  – Jim Rohn

I discovered this quote while watching this video.

Immediately I heard these statements, I agree with it and exclaimed “yes”, Jim is right.

I have seen it exemplify in my life and people I have worked with and learn from.

Finding an easy activity is the right path to solving problems.

This is how you “think yourself as a product” and create product. And then, you can build massive impact, influence and income.

Let’s assume Jim Rohn is a salesman because he seems to teach it.

Some people are excellent at closing sales even with the toughest mind. Even if this person doesn’t have money, he will borrow the money and do what the sales person persuade him to do because of the excellent conversation they have had.

Thus, find an easy activity you can do and you will be able to solve problem again and again.


Even if it’s Yoruba language you studied, system engineering, micro-biology or any uncommon course and you are passionate about it, you will always find a way to solve problems if you embrace these mental powers as habit.

My verdict

Any activity you find so easy to do every day, you can solve problems out of it by creating high quality product.

HUSTLE for your product


You are familiar with the street word “hustle”. It means to work hard and smarter.

My conclusion is whatever you are doing or intends to do, make sure you “think yourself as a product” and create product.

Make sure you are solving problems with any activity you have find easy to do.

If you are a student and found you have increasing passion for what you are studying, start working your mind and body on how to solve problems with it.

Look through the society; search the market place for problem you can solve with what you are studying.

Start positioning yourself before you graduate.

Let it be clear to anybody or organization, that this is you – this is the clear problem you can solve and show proof of sample solutions.

“Think yourself as a product”

Don’t wait till you graduate or finish school.

If you are a graduate, follow the same principle.

If you are passionate about what you have studied, you can always solve problems by creating product out of it.

And that’s where you can build massive impact, influence and income.

Thus, don’t waste time either you are in school or have graduated, start working your mind and body on the problem to solve for people with what you enjoy doing.

Even if you are going to seek employment, position your CV for a problem you are solving.

No organization will reject your CV if it’s well detailed towards solving a problem.

If rejection happens, you will certainly find another organization that understands you.


This concept about solving problem is the panacea to build massive impact; influence and income; and it can be summed up with a formula.

Formula to “think yourself as a product” and create product = Easy activity + continuous learning (mindsets)


1. Find an activity you are easily passionate about and your love for it is increasing as you do it. Let it be that you find it easier to focus and ponder on challenges and problems in order to come up with solutions.

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2. Have the mindsets for continuous learning.

No matter your achievement and the enormous amount of problems you have solved, it’s just the beginning.

There is tremendous knowledge waiting to be discovered from that activity.

You can only make your contribution to knowledge while the future generations continue with your work.

What to do

If you can solve a problem even of the smallest size, you can start business blogging.

This is what you will bring to the blogging table and use as a tool to build massive impact, influence and income.

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