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How to Create Powerful Contents for Business Blogging

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Contents are the currency of business blogging.

Content is king. It’s the energy of business blogging. It can be in text, document, graphical image, video and audio format.


Contents are the greatest mode of marketing and selling your idea, product or service every day. Without it, you’re not yet in business.


Contents are the messages visitors, email subscribers, customers and promoters will read and do something about if needful.

These messages will be delivered through blog posts, social media posts, landing pages, email letters, tele-seminar, webinars and others.

Contents are the only way to attract visitors to business offer and convert them into email subscribers, customers and promoters.

That’s how super important it is.

Types of content development

1. About page

i. This page is about selling the business idea – the “why” you are in business. Let readers know you care about their problem and that you are ready to help them achieve their goal.

ii. Talk briefly about yourself, the team of people working with you and their expertise in the field.

iii. Every message must strengthen confidence. Let it speaks why you care and how you are going to be of service to them.

2. Home page
This covers business overview, product and service offer, who you are, what you do and what you want readers to do.

3. Contact
This is a simple detailed information on how readers can contact your business.

It includes map, office address, social media web address, email address and telephone number.

4. Blog post
This is where you give targeted audience sample solutions to their problem based on what you are selling as a business.

Also, this is where marketing takes place through education, enlightenment, and entertainment of the business subject matter for a mutual relationship.

Blog posts entail hints, tips and news about your business.

5. Email letter
This is a personalized message to further follow-up, educates and enlightens the buyer persona about your product or service.

Also, it is the moment for building a deeper relationship to convince the buyer persona to accept your offer.

6. Landing page
This is a webpage dedicated for a promotion campaign with one “call-to-action” button as sole purpose for the page.

Landing page is where you will convince readers in simple words they can understand to either get your free gift or order your product.

It contains no navigation menu, no header and footer but one clickable call-to-action button. An example is “sign up now” or “order now”.

Landing page example is the sales letter you read to buy a product, an email subscription webpage you filled with personal details to receive newsletter, etc.


The key to quality content

Quality content is a message that is read, shared, engaged with and readers yearn for more.

Remarkable quality content relies within your unique voice, expertise and ability.


a. Don’t mimic anyone writing style or mode of message delivery (video or audio).

What you must smartly steal is your buyer persona language terms, keywords, slang and way of expression.

The reason is you are writing for them and their satisfaction.

Thus, be yourself and be fun at expressing yourself in their language. That’s where your uniqueness and success lie.

b. Don’t write for perfection but publish what you have got. You can always edit, re-write, re-publish and update with the latest know-how.

How to create purposeful content for blog posts and social networks

You must have better understanding of the buyer persona to an extent before creating contents.

You will create content with the buyer persona in mind. Thus, connect it with the buyer journey which is awareness stage, consideration and decision stage.

You will utilize what you learned about the buyer journey.

1. Awareness stage: This is the research, investigative and educational stage.

The stage the buyer persona wants a better understanding of the problem he is experiencing.

Think about the problematic topics your product or service can solve.

List and write about them.

Contents format are blog posts, email, eBooks, and white papers.

2. Consideration stage: At this stage, the buyer persona has a better understanding of his problem. He is considering what product or service to use.

You have to create topics from product or service and share customer experience and feedbacks.

Contents format: email letters, sales letter and case studies.

3. Decision stage: This is the moment he finally wants to make his purchase decision.

At this stage, let him know you have the best product or service, the best price with tremendous benefits and bonus.

Content format: email letters, sales letter, success stories and purchase order form.

Important keynote to write remarkable quality contents

1. Make the headline attractive. Let it build anticipation to click and read more.

2. Let each paragraph builds anticipation to continue reading.

3. Let there be a call-to-action at the end of the blog post.

Call-to-action is a command phrase for what readers should do next after reading your contents.

Example is “subscribe to our newsletters”, “subscribe to my YouTube channel”, “you might like to read this”, etc.

4. Make sure you publish content always. It could be daily, weekly or monthly but be consistent.

This depends on the type of online business. For instance, for the news niche, it is compulsorily a daily affair.

Remember it is quality over quantity.

5. Let your permalink URL be configured at

For example



Sources for content topics and ideas

There are many places you can get inspiration for contents based on the buyer persona journey (from awareness to consideration and decision).

They are:

1. Google keyword planner

2. Blog posts and comment: Use search engines to look for similar blogs teaching your kind of subject.

Learn from your competitors and get ideas for content topics to write. Also, pay attention to readers’ comment to deduce contents ideas.

3. Discussion forums such as Nairaland, Reddit, Buzzsumo, Facebook group and Twitter feeds are a good platform for content ideas and topics. You can also understand what buyer persona wants.

4. Intuition: Use your personal experience, insights and instinct to generate content ideas to blog and write email letters.

Questions such as:

i. What do you think consumers want?

ii. What questions do they want answers for?

iii. What problems are consumers passing through right now?

iv. What do you think they should know?

5. Register for Google alert: Google alert is a tool that activates and keeps track of the latest information, topics and trends that has been published on the internet based on the subject you want.

For example, if your business is about baby wears, register Google alert on the subject. Thus, you will be receiving newly published articles about the subject via email address.

Whatever information you got, you can discover ideas and inspiration in developing content for blog topics, social media posts and an email letter.

6. Question and answer: There is a platform for answering people questions such as Quora.

Register as a member and you will discover vast topics for creating content.

You can contribute to the platform by answering the questions you know. Also, it serves as a platform to understand buyer persona wants.

7. Surveys: When you start gaining email subscribers and social media followers, ask them what other topics you could write about. Ask them about their goals and what they love to read.


In other to create powerful contents for business blogging, understand what it takes for contents to be remarkable and quality. Know the key to quality content and how to source for them.

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