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These 7 Tips Will Help You Create Quality Blog Post

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One of the elements that will make your blogging business successful, generating stable income, is the quality blog post being published.

The mantra: the content is king still remains relevant and will forever be in the internet business industry.

If a blogger sells a poor quality product with quality content that meets its target audience, it can result in huge sales more than a fellow blogger who has a high-quality product but ineffective content that doesn’t yield sales.

Despite that, the blogger selling poor quality products will not last in the market.

This is an internet age where consumers have power and more information at their fingertips to make decisions before the purchase.

If the poor blogger or marketer wins the first time, they’ll definitely lose the second time.

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What I’m expressing is how important effective content such as a blog post is to your blogging business.

The 7 tips that will help you create a quality blog post

Tip 1: Headline

This is the first message your readers will read, that attract their attention, and increase their focus and curiosity to find out more.

It’s also known as the blog post title.

A headline has to be persuasive, compelling, filled with beneficial substances that further increase readers’ willingness to click and read more.

Examples of headlines that have proven to convert readers are:

a. How to [title]: e.g. How to make money online as a photographer.

b. Numbers [title]: 9 ways to improve your AdSense earnings.

If you’re using video or audio to pass your message, open the floor with intelligent awakening words.

Words that make your visitors want to listen, keep watching and yearning for more.

This helps to determine the watching or streaming time and the overall goal of your message.

So, the next time you want to write script for that video, start with compelling and problem-solving words that your viewers want and are interested in.

Then follow it up quickly with straightforward answers to their question or messages that keep increasing their interest.

They want it simple and concise.

Tip 2:Your blog post’s bodyt should’ve all the needed detailed information you invited them initially to come and read.

If not, you’ll be losing their trust, reducing the credibility of your blog and they’ll move towards your competitor who is trustworthy to provide a better message.

For instance: there is a clear difference between:

*** How to Create Quality Blog Post, and

*** These 7 Tips Will Help You Create Quality Blog Post.

Make sure you don’t cheat potential readers to open your blog post using headlines.

Tip 3: Adding stories to your blog post with life experiences and scenarios will serve as a better way to convey messages to your readers.

They’ll understand and feel the message better that way.

When I was a kid, there was an elder man I and my friends used to enjoy listening at his interesting fictional stories about how smart and troublesome the tortoise is.

I actually believe those stories were real back then but the lessons and messages were simple to understand.

Those stories were part of what shape my life today.

So, stories can be effectively utilized in blogging.

If you want web visitors to sign up for consultation, schedule a meeting, download an eBook, buy your produc, etcc, you need to convey the message in the simplest manner they can understand.

This brings me to the next tip…

Tip: 4. Simplicity rules

Write your blog post in a simple language, simple to read for a primary 4 pupil and even entertaining as well if possible.

Add some funny tweak and jokes an average reader can understand.

If you can’t, leave it.

Besides, don’t be too funny. Apply seriousness and wisdom where needful and portray your real spirit in every activity.

Don’t assume they’ll understand your vocabulary and terminologies.

Many can’t and by fulfilling all righteousness, express it as simple as possible. It’s about achieving your goal and satisfying your readers.

Tip 5: Begin your blog post with the most important information.

List what your readers should expect before you start explanation in details.

Some are in a hurry.

They’ll scan for important words and if they can’t find it, they leave.

To limit such scenario, provide tips to the answers at the beginning. This will further strengthen their interest and readability while you explain them in details.

Tip 6: Understand who you’re writing to beforehand will help in crafting the right message and provide the right answers to the question.

Simply write your blog post to fulfill their want, and solve their problems.

Tip 7: Break your blog post into paragraph is part of simplicity.

A sentence or two can be classified as a paragraph.

This helps scanners read the important and captivating sentences that are distinct rather than lumping everything together.

Blog post is different from those essays you wrote years back in secondary school.

That one is for the teacher; this one is for the general public which can be anybody.

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Final note

A quality blog post is critical to your blogging business.

It headline has to speak curiosity (I want to know more), it body of content must be filled with detailed information based on it headline – as it’ll appear as if you’re answering a question in a more detailed version.

In addition, information on the body has to be spacious – one or two sentences should be classified as paragraph.

This helps a reader brain to decode it immediately as something simple and easy he or she can consume quickly.

It must be written in a simple language to an extent, a little kid can understand.

There is difference talking to your colleague in the same profession and saying the same thing to the general public – your communication has to be effective.

Finally, always remember to use stories to explain and pass across your message. It helps with quick understanding as well.

These are the tips I believe if well practiced will help you to keep churning out quality blog posts that your readers will find satisfied.

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