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The Ultimate Meaning of Business Blogging

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Do you have a skill you’re practising and want to market it? Perhaps, you’ve got a product or service to sell.

Business blogging will help you achieve your goal.

Keep reading and you’ll discover how possible.

The origin of “Blog”

The blog was coined from 2 words; “web” and “log”: Web-Log (We[blog]).


A web is a large collection of documents. It can be texts, articles, audios, images, and videos.

These documents are stored on a computer system, connected to the internet for public accessibility.

When you request for document by browsing a web address, it’ll be transferred to you to read, watch, listen or take action as compelled to do.


A log is the detailed record-keeping of events and activities as they’re occurring in real-time. They can be documented and recorded daily, weekly and monthly based on your subject matter.

A good example is the political news which is recorded and published every day.

If you choose this subject, you’ll be responsible for recording events and activities about political governance every day.

Remember, Political news can be within a local government or wards. It can be at the state or federal government level. The opportunity to curate interesting information people want and streaming them is enormous.

Definition of business blogging

Blogging is an art of keeping records of events about a specific subject matter which can be daily, weekly or monthly, in the form of documents (text), images (graphic), audios (podcast) and videos (vlog), stored on a computer with the aid of internet to publish it for the entire world to access anytime anywhere.

Blogging in the context of "Art" and "Computer”

1. By an “art of keeping records“; you’ve to be skilful at writing, design attractive and compelling images, create videos and audios with a magnetic presentation.

Nobody is innately gifted with writing or presentation skills, the design for compelling images and all that stuff.

Every successful blogger started from scratch.

They keep honing their skills and it gets better. 

You’ve to keep practising and your performance will improve. If you can’t, hire credible people to create your content and promote it.

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Whichever format (posts, images, videos, and podcasts) make sure it’s remarkable, relevant and quality.

2. By “computer“, it means a storage space for documents, images, and audios are securely stored for the audience to access and re-access any time anywhere.

So, I believe you can begin to feel and understand what blogging is and the job it entails.

Blogging has become a language

Over time, blogging has become conversational through practice and a way of life.

The word “blog” and “blogging” has lived up to a meaning that’s making sense.

It’s an action verb meaning to “publish new content”.

As a continuous tense, it means “to keep maintaining or edit content”.

For example:

1. Have you blogged today?

Meaning: Have you published a new content today?

2. Kunle, What are you doing? I am blogging.

Meaning: I’m editing or working on my blog.

According to the Oxford dictionary, blogging is an action verb which means “to keep a blog; to write something in a blog

Blogging is fun. It’s getting easier as a job and marketing tool you can use to promote your skill, product or service. 

Blogging is a serious business

Microphone-the-ultimate-meaning -of-business-blogging

Blogging is a means of communication to market your skill and product. Whatever messages you want to propagate, consider it a subject. It makes sense and elevates uniqueness.

People are creating subject out of nothing, about what they love and believe.

For instance, this lady loves organizing things at home. She calls herself an organizing consultant.

Can you imagine that!

If there is a specific subject you know and passionate at, use blogging to build a business out of it by creating uncountable content and messages that are helpful to people.

Don’t worry about income, for now, you’ll figure the business model later through readers demand and insights.

First of all focus on selling your conceptual idea to people.

Why they must care about your message? Imagine it like pitching.

When you’re getting readers and followers, the added value you can deliver in terms of product or service will emerge.

Establish your presence and authority first.

Unique idea

No idea is new to our world, no matter how countless people are conveying the same message; you’ve got your perception, your personal story and experience, your way of conveying the message and ultimately, your unique contribution.

This is how you must handle business blogging activity.

Blogging is more about the writing and content Click To Tweet 

How business blogging can help you market your skill

When you’re practising a skill, be documenting what you’re doing.

Share them with the public is a great medium for marketing.

Indirectly, you’ll attract people who like your work.

Ultimately, they’ll stick around and become buyers of your forthcoming product or service.

For instance, the creative and visual product designer – Andrew Kim landed his first job at Microsoft while at college. He manages a blog which he utilized to publish his school project.

One of his works about rebranding Microsoft caught the company attention, and that’s it.

The game changer

It has been vehemently proven that business blogging can transform your skill into an invaluable service if you start now.

There is no perfect time than now because everyone you know is growing and learning.

We were once an amateur. To become an expert and achieve the status you want to be in your career, you’ve to start practicing now.

And the potential for income, prestige and importantly, to impact people lives is inconceivable.

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