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The Ugly Truth about Skill

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Do you wonder how people become skilled in a certain activity? Such as being a great writer, poet, sportsman, scientist, engineer, and leader, whatever.

You think they were born with it (it’s a natural gift)?

But can you remember how you strive to get started walking as a toddler?

Your instinct pushes you to try and stand on your feet.

You fell; tried again, fell, and tried again and again till you begin to get your foothold.

The first step becomes 2 steps, 2 steps become 5 and gradually you began to walk.


If everyone passes through this learning walking process, it means you can be skillful at any activity of choice.

Research shows walking is correlated to social behavior. Becoming skillful is about your behaviour. Therefore, nothing can be regarded as waste; with practice, you’ll be uplifted.

The skill is there, the power is in you. Bring it out.

What is skill?

There are many definitions but this one by business dictionary stood out with the perfect idea I like to explain.

It says: Skill is an ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities or job functions involving ideas (cognitive skills), things (technical skills), and/or people (interpersonal skills).

Characteristics of a skill

1. By ability, it means you must have what it takes (both physically and mentally) to get that skill.

For example, for someone to be a sprinter, he or she must have legs. Though prosthetic legs are now being utilized. What about a tennis player or a swimmer, the bodily form is important to become skilled in it.

2. Capacity: It means your skill is scaled. It’s in degree, like most phenomena you can think of is scaled.

This shows that whatever activity you want to take-up and invest in as skilled is limitless.

Whatever achievement you have got, believe you are just starting; there is a bounty of work to be done.

3. By systematic means, you will be taking actions on this skill in a methodological and organized order.

Your skill must have a systematic order you must follow. When you discover better practices; add it up and re-organized this activity for smarter result.

4. Complex: It means your skill will comprise of many interconnected activities.

For example, to be a skilled writer, you must have observation skill, empathy (the ability to super-impose your mind into another person and get the same feeling the person experience) and of course, writing skill.

These activities will help you become an excellent skilled writer.

Living with skill

Skill is so essential to your ability to make money – you know money and value are synonymous.

How can you discover your skill?

Whatever activity you want to embrace as skill must have:

1. The ability to keep doing it for long-term with the capacity for development.

2. It must be well organized for tracking performance, improvement and best practices.


3. It will comprise of many activities you must embrace to get skilled.

These activities aren’t child-play; they require painstaking decision and choice.

Any activity you want to embrace as skill must have these personal elements.

1. Passion: You must be passionate about it.

A passionate activity is not sudden. It didn’t fall from the sky and you start liking it. It must have been growing and you must have been thinking about it over time.

What’s it? Take note.

2. Problem: What personal problem did you went through? The experience from going through such a problem and pain can make you become something else.

You can prevent others from going through the same problem through help and support.

Whichever way, business can be birth out of it – where you sell both the problem and solution in an educative manner.

As for me, I knew selling digital products not created by me wasn’t sustainable for building an online business.

So, I figured out discovering and embracing my life skill as a career works best for me.

3. Money/reward: You can discover your skill through jobs and activities you have done for money. Initially, you might not be passionate about it but you realize it grows.

That’s if the activity provides gratification beyond money or reward.

During my online business journey, I discovered healthy eating by selling digital products. I wasn’t passionate about it but for promise of reward.

Later, I found the subject beneficial to my health and it resonates with my values to positively impact lives.

In the future, I can contribute more in the business sector.

Your skill discovery story might appear like that.

There are differing opinions about the “follow your passion syndrome”.

In summary, for me, I believe strongly in following your passion for every activity, skill or job you want to do. And I can’t work with anyone who lacks it, have different intention or opinion.

How business blogging helps with skill

Blogging is your unique voice and personality about a subject such as your life skill.

It is an art of keeping records of events about a specific subject matter like your skill which can be daily, weekly or monthly, in the form of documents (text), images (graphic), audios (podcast) and videos (vlog), stored on a computer with the aid of internet to publish it for the entire world to access anytime anywhere.

For your skill to become invaluable and remain relevant for the long-term in the market, it needs constant development which blogging can help.

Blogging will help you with skill discovery as well.

It will help you understand what people want, develop your skill at a faster rate and build an online business that will improve your life and that of your audience.

This is how you can make money online by embracing your life skill; create value and wealth for people and yourself.

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