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An Ingenious Approach to Make Money Online This 2022

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You must have made money before, such as selling goods, getting monthly salary or performing a specific job for money.

If you haven’t, you must have bought something like food.

Anyways you have interacted with money, it is the same principle you will make money online.

The money principle: You must offer something of value to another person in exchange for money.

How are you going to make money online?

It is a hard question because there are many ways you can make money online.

Since you accept money is an exchange of value, ask yourself, what value do I bring to the table in exchange for the money?

The entity for making money online is YOU.

Value perception

What people, society and culture perceive to be valuable is different. 

But one common determinant is a benefit

People must find your ideology, products or service beneficial if not, they won’t consider it valuable.

You know the result is no money.

How will you become beneficial to people and society?

People will appreciate and consider you valuable when you solve their problems.

What people considered a problem has a different meaning. So, open your thinking cap and start discerning every day.  

1. You’ve to identify a problem people are experiencing. 

The problem could be highly obvious such as unemployment. It can be in weak products or services that need improvement.

2. Learn how to solve it excellently and 

3. Present it as something of value for money reward.

To solve a problem is not cheap; this is where you need the invisible force of passion to build it.

Jeff Bezos said it: “If you don’t love your work, you are never going to be great at it.”

Human problems are dynamic. It keeps changing and evolving. If you solve one today, it becomes outdated tomorrow.

Hence, this is the reason why anything you want to do to make money online must be an activity you can develop as skill and build a career.

A career involves learning a skill and honing it. It makes you beneficial to people and society most especially when you focus on ONE passionate problem.

My emphasis on “one” because doing too much will make you lose focus as a start-up and soloprenuer.

Only when you’re focus can you create something outstanding from solving a problem. 

The duo billionaire friend – Bill Gates and Warren Buffets affirm this behavioural trait to their business success. 

So, the only ingenious ways to make money online is to market your skill.

You have got to discover it, learn about it, keep developing and market it.

1. Find a problem with a growing passion.

2. Learn how to solve the problem and develop the necessary skills.

3. Build it into an online business.

How I unconsciously build money-making skill

I started my online journey marketing information product for a fitness company. This type of online business is called affiliate marketing.

This business allowed me to understand website design, the technical management and email automation.

By the time the company stops offering the product, I had started a side business where I offer business blogging training and website management as a service.

I developed the skills out of tackling problems for fun. It is one of the best mindsets you should have developing your skills.

Albert Einstein said it, creativity is intelligence having fun.

Also, Apple co-founder Steven Wozniak created the first personal computer out of practising his engineering skills and designing for fun.

When his genius entrepreneur friend Steven Jobs visited him and saw the personal computer wasting somewhere, immediately he saw the potential the tool has in solving people problems and business opportunities.

It gave birth to what you’re enjoying today.

Therefore, in honing your skills for solving problems and build a fulfilled career, have the mindsets for openness and growth.

It is why an activity you must choose to make money online is a problem with passion.

A problem you enjoy managing and tackling and is growing within you.

There is no problematic activity that can’t result in business. The problem you are solving and found passionate to keep tackling, it’s hard and painful for many people.

And many people will never have the passion no matter how they tried because it’s not theirs.

If someone has the same passion as you, the degree can never be the same. That’s why it’s a skill to keep working at it.


You have got to follow your heart. What problem interest you most to solve and make money online?

It is the best. It’s long term, futuristic, purely entrepreneurial and rewarding.

Whatever talent you have got, develop it to an extent you will spot real problems to study and excellently solve for people.

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