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11 Types of Blogs You Should Know

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Ever since the first blog was published and people associated with it, found it useful, the art of blogging has grown into many types and categories.

Now, businesses are taking advantage of it to connect with customers, strengthen the connection, and you can make money blogging as well.

So, how does blogging becomes classified as types over time through resourcefulness.

1. Genre blog handles a specific subject that belongs to a broad subject which can further be broken down into sub-division.

For example, a genre blogs in health are diabetes care blog, weight loss blog, dental care blog, skincare blog, nutrition blog and many divisions you can think of.

Likewise in fashion, genre blog can be women fashion blog, men fashion blog, millennials fashion blog, elders fashion blog, and kid fashion blog.

And women fashion blogs can further be divided by age, events, cultural lifestyle, and bodily sections like the head; we have headgear or cap, wigs, earrings, necklaces and etc.genre-blog-types-blog

You can think of a genre blog as a niche blog, though this is a deep process of breaking down a subject.

BillBlogger belongs to this category of genre blog. It’s a blog with a specific subject on blogging business under the broad subject “digital marketing”.

As a niche blog, BillBlogger teaches blogging business to people with a life purpose. People who believe they’ve got talent or career to live their life fall on this lane.

There are many ways we can break down people who want online jobs and earn a decent income. For instance, affiliate marketers are people who sell individual or organization products or services online and they use blogging as a marketing tool.

So, most successful blogging businesses are a genre in nature, they handle specific subjects based on the company and brand mission.

And it’s wise you start blogging business in genre fashion way.

Dig deep, break the subject down into smaller chunks, if possible towards one activity and pick the one you have the greatest strength to sell.

This is because it’s very competitive in the online world, and it will be wise you start with an activity you believe you will do every day, you can get better and be progressive at it and finally win overtime.

2. Podcast blog: Call it an audio blog, you’re right. A podcast is a type of blog whose means of conveying a message is through audio.

A podcast blog can be operated as a genre blog, by handling a sub-division subject within a broad subject. The choice is up to you.

The podcast involves creating audio files mostly in MP3 format, host it on a podcast platform and make it available for download either free or to buy.

Most bloggers use the podcast for interviews session, product or service reviews, and customer success stories and to share beneficial tips about their business.

Western countries such as Spain and Sweden have growing podcast listeners while the highest listeners are from South Korea.

Before you consider starting a podcast blog, research and understand your target audience, make sure they’re the type who loves to listen to audio messages.

3. PhotoBlog: As the common saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words and this makes photoblog a fantastic idea as a means of communicating to your audience.

Photoblog is brilliant for a professional Photos-types-blog-tumblrphotographer, graphic designer, traveler, geographer, storyteller, and mountaineer. You can use photoblog virtually for many things, to show your works, and to portray messages from interesting ideas and events.

Just be creative, be experimental, and be yourself.

WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace are the best platform for hosting your photoblog website. They give you full control.

Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are good but it comes with limitations like account suspension when you violate their policy.

4. Video Blog also is known as “vlog” is a type of blog with the medium to convey messages through videos.

It requires skillful presentation and with a smartphone, tripod, a quiet space devoid of distraction, you will make a quality video.

YouTube is the most utilized platform for hosting video. And to create a video blog, embed the video on your blog and optionally include transcription.

5. Education blog: As its name implies this type of blog is established by the teacher, lecturer or coach for educational and teaching purposes.

A secondary school or university can establish a blog with the purpose to support the student. This serves as a learning platform for the teacher through questions, collaboration, and engagement that breed thinkers.

6. Personal blog



This is assumed to be largest type of blog in the blogosphere.

It’s an ongoing diary, a personal commentary of both imaginary and live events such as country tour, weight loss journey, and research project.

The earliest bloggers were blogging for personal reasons and they were so passionate about it.

They regard blogs as a hobby; they share personal stories with family, friends, and anyone who cares about what they do.

This singular behavioral trait makes them successful at blogging.

You have to be passionate about what you do unless you will fizzle out.

The downside to personal blogging is monetization; a lot of them don’t make money from it. And they don’t expect any reward such as donation or gift.

Besides, most personal blogs lack money making potentials.

Their subject matter is general. It revolves around their life journey; – a cross-section of photography, fashion, travel, vacation, adventure, food, party and any extra-curriculum fun activities such as biking, movie critics, and etc.

They just blog anything that sparks their brain which is great, informative and it keeps many people informed.

7. Micro-blogging is a unique style of conveying messages. It involves limited characters that create words and form a coherent message.

Instead of lengthy message kind of blogging other types of blog allow, micro-blogging uses short messages.

You could share a website address, video or an image, and write short note or description about it.

You could share short messages that fascinate and help people get informed.

You can utilize micro-blogging for your business; use it to share useful stories and interesting messages about your business, brands, product and services.

These short messages are called micro posts. To get started is simple, register an account with a platform, and you’re right on the journey to micro-blogging.

Micro-blogging platform are Twitter, Facebook (status update), and Tumblr.

8. Corporate Organization Blog


Corporate organizations are large organization with hundreds of thousands of employees with offices in many countries and all continents.

They utilize blogging internally for information and communication purposes, to strengthen the company culture among staff members and externally, to strengthen their connection with their consumers, for marketing, branding and public relations purposes.

Besides, similar blog is operated by recreational clubs and not-for profit organization to inform members and keep them abreast of every activities within the organization. 

9. Professional Blog


This type of blog involves your profession or passionate career for business and making substantial living out of it.

The blogging subject matter will depend on skills you’ve got, what you studied in school, what you specialize or what just makes you joyful.

There is no subject matter that can’t be professionally blog about, as far as you take a deep creative study into it, you’re willing to do scientific research, take more risks and challenge your statuesque to solve diverse and unique problems; it will seems professional.

10. Citizen Blog is similar to journalist or a freelance writer job.

Bloggers accept active duty and responsibility for collecting, analyzing, reporting, and publishing news and information about events that are of interest in their locality.

It can be information about a specific people or a cause they want to accomplish.

Imagine an organization dedicated to waste management, they could have citizen bloggers across the country, in each locality reporting the latest happenings and stories about the subject waste management.

Such information is right for monitoring, analyzing and management purpose based on the organization mission.

So, citizen Bloggers broaden our knowledge and opinions about what is currently happening in our society, culture and the national space.

They are the critic who generate content, investigate hidden and questionable news, and expatiate on news sources.

If you like the act of reporting on issues in your community or interested events, take up the job as a citizen blogger.

11. Review and Marketing Blog

This type of blog was purposely created for reviewing and marketing products and services. They create news out of every phenomenon on the product or service that interests them.

They initiate promotion agreement with brands.

They are the first to have exclusive news and report about a brand. They share latest news about the business organization and provide valuable information other bloggers don’t know yet.

They like to be seen as “authority” for news about the brand within information space.

If you like the idea of writing about brands or you want to promote and market your own business, this type of blog is your job.

In summarily

Types of blogs are classified based on medium of communication, purpose, and features.

By medium of communication, we have podcast, photo, and video. By purpose, we have education, personal, corporate, professional, citizen, review and marketing and micro-blogging is the unique feature of blogging.

These are the types of a blog I’ve got, share what you think.

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