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Why Developing a Skill is the Panacea to Make Money Online

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When it comes to making money online, it is about delivering value. People will consider you valuable when you solve their problems.

Reading this post, explaining how possible developing a skill will solve your money problem is a sign.

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How can you become valuable?

You have to search for a problem to solve.

Solving people problem is very tough because of uniqueness and the changes it has over time.

Therefore, find a problem with genuine growing passion.

You will know if you have a growing passion for the activity by working on the problem every day.

If it is declining, give it up and find another problem you like to solve.

NOTE: Solving a problem involves a series of activities.

For example, if laundry service is the problem you want to solve, it entails activity such as washing, dry-cleaning, ironing, packing, etc.

Therefore, you must have a growing passion for all activities involved in laundry services.

An activity you can get better every day at doing.

They are the required skills to solve a problem.

You can learn about it. There is free information online in case you are on a low budget.

If you have the budget, learn from an expert who has gone through the process of solving the problem you want and have got the result.

Get in the practice

After learning how to solve the problem, the next point of call is to start developing the skill.

It requires consistent practice. Business blogging can help with it; also, it serves as a marketing platform and the building process for an online business.

Business blogging involves communication and relationship. It entails sharing what you are doing and work.

It is an art of keeping records of events like what you are practising as a skill which you want to build into a valuable career.

This record-keeping process can be daily, weekly or monthly, in the form of documents (text), images (graphic), audios (podcast) and videos (vlog), stored on a computer with the aid of internet to publish it for the entire world to access anytime anywhere.

– In the process, you will know what people considered to be a problem.

– You will understand it better through communication and relationship.

Due to understanding, you will utilize your skill to solve it.

– The result: you come out with a satisfactory product or service to be iterating on the go.

– The result is an online business growing to create jobs and distribute wealth.

In summary

If you want to make money online, developing a skill and build it into a valuable career is the best option.

But it has a process you must follow strictly.

1. Identity a passionate problem. Don’t choose a career for the money, it is a poor mindset.

If you love a career because it is lucrative, then, study the problems involved in a relationship to your fellow being as the base for learning.

Strive to be obsessed with the problems over the money reward.

2. Learn about solving the problem and start practising. You will learn more, increase your knowledge while doing the job and tackling challenges.

3. You will create a quality product, discover a new problem and solve it with the new or updated product.

Refine and repeat problem-solving strategies.

4. Before you know, you’ve built an online business worth to impacts lives through job creation and wealth distribution.

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