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5 Nuggets to Successfully Start Business Blogging

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Do you want an online job that’s secure, lucrative and sustainable? Then, embracing your life skill will grant you fulfilment.

And business blogging will serve as the driving force to market and accomplish your goal and objectives.

 To start business blogging on a firm foundation, these are solid advice successful bloggers wish they knew. It’ll save you time and energy.


1. Choose your subject matter carefully

It is the first thing you will do. It is critical and sensitive to blogging success.

Do not get influence by money. Only a few are successful with such thinking.

And anyone who had such thinking while starting and became successful must have changed during the journey.

Business blogging is seriously for-profit. Nevertheless, there is something higher than the money mindset.

Ask yourself, when you achieve this money, what happens next?

What might happen are:

1. You feel relapse in the delivery of quality services.

2. Another company with a better philosophy and culture can push you out of the marketplace unprepared.

Therefore, a better philosophy and culture is purpose.

Why does your company exist?

When you answer it, ask why again. You answer it, ask why again till there is no reason.

Purpose mindset is the key to a successful and sustainable business blogging.

About helping others

Start business blogging with the helpful attitude you want to accept the duties and responsibilities for writing and teaching people about a specific subject matter that solves a problem.

You are confident of building expertise on this subject and authority on overtime, with clear progression and performance.

If the subject is broad, break it down into sub-categories that are focused.

1. It helps with focus writing, messaging and conversation; and

2. You will face any competitive challenge and scale-up gradually.

In Fashion, for example, It contains many sub-categories such as design, style, consultation, traditional and cultural wears, gender wears, bags, footwear, jewellery, beads and any subject you invented.

Meditate on the category you love best. You’ve got the strength, highly knowledgeable to start and confident of winning and excel as one of the top players and contributor in the industry over time.

Also, consider your target location and audience while brainstorming. As an intended supplier, there has to be a demand that leads me to the next point.

2. Get your audience right

Make sure you have an audience.


pls, Let me have your audience.”

Imagine a speaker making such a statement. It shows the audience isn’t following. The activities build-up to that moment will appear useless, fruitless and unprofitable.

Apart from the choice of subject, make sure there is demand.

Be sure people are going to be interested. It’s going to keep increasing. They will find it beneficial.

Even an art of reading your blog posts, viewing YouTube videos is a sign of consumption.

NOTE: Despite how I painted an image of a compulsory demand from the audience, it is optional (50/50).

Don’t let the audience influence your choice of subject and change your dream?

Most times, customers aren’t always right. Never allow them to choose the solution but guide alright.

No matter their rejections, be committed.

Imagine you’re a doctor who prescribes drugs to patients after understanding their problem.

So, stand your ground and control.

Besides, I believe in people exercising their innate gift.

Don’t follow the crowd, be unique and follow your gut. Have faith like-minds are waiting for you.

They might be little it doesn’t matter. It’ll grow.

3. Choose a simple blogging platform

A blogging platform is the publishing avenue that showcases your original quality content to a targeted audience.

 Examples are Blogger, WordPress I use, Squarespace, Wix, Medium, etc.

They are better and beneficial, but each comes with pros and cons.

Make your findings before use.

Read Why I Started my Blog With Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

4. Build a relationship and community

Blogging is social and interactive media. Thus, apply conversational strategies. Use the platform and market your skill, build a mutual relationship and trust with the target audience.

When you achieve this, you’ll discover their want. Therefore, you can deliver value and maximum satisfaction in return for their hard-earned money.

5. Promote your blog

Quality traffic is now business. If there is a blogging activity you need to invest highly on, it’s quality traffic.

Always promote your blog content. Invest in paid advertising such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads.

You’ve invested time and energy creating quality content, then, let people know about it.

Don’t fall for the school of thought for cheap and free traffic. They are low-quality, if quality, it must’ve consumed your precious time, energy and the result is always low returns.

Life is a market-place

Life is about marketing, buying and selling.

As a prospective employee, you’ve to sell your profession and skill to that company. As a businessman or Entrepreneur, you sell to consumer and investor.

Blogging will boost your value. It really can be fun.

You can only become invaluable when you embrace your life skill, become known and significant through marketing. 

Start harnessing the power of business blogging today to market your skill, achieve your objectives and final aim.

Tell your family and friends blogging is honourable. You’re helping people solve problems, guide them rightly. It makes our world better for all.

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