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9 Online Marketing Scholars Shared their Perception about Business Blogging

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If you’re considering business blogging as a money-making venture, it is wise you know the opinions of scholars.

It helps with a detailed understanding of the job at hand and you’ll learn how to succeed even faster.

Let me remind you, embracing your life skill is the best medium to build a sustainable and successful online business.

This is because you can easily create value that keeps growing out of activity as personal as a life skill.

And business blogging will serve as the marketing toolbox to cook and make it done for you and your customer.

Let’s look at business blogging from the perspective of scholars’ – people who have experienced both failures and successes. And there are uphill tasks to make them stronger?

Important notice: each scholar perception is in quotes while the interpretation is my opinion.

1. Amy Lynn

Amy says: “Blogs are the new resume, the new business card, the new marketing brochure or advertising billboard and they’re quickly becoming a source of excellent income for many”.

As a resume, that means it serves as a platform for showing your skill and works.

Whatever skill you embrace, keep practising it and share your work with the public. 

When you adopt business blogging, you’ll better be able to target specific sets of people you want to associate with.

2. Neil Patel

Neil says: “A blog is a channel where you share your thoughts”.

Yes, any skill you’re practising, give it a subject name for easy sharing of thoughts. It’ll make you a thought leader and authority on the subject.

3. Corbett Barr

Corbett says: “Blog is a place for sharing knowledge and views, and for connecting with people.”

This perception is very clear. When you’re sharing an opinion about your skill, in other words, you’re attracting prospects, buyers and fans.

4. Greg Narayan

Greg says: “A blog is whatever you make it!”

This one is something else. It means your blog is your world. Create it, live it anyhow you want to the fullest.

5. Rand Fishkin

Rand says: “A blog is more than just a place to post new content on a regular (or, lately, semi-regular) basis. It’s a hub for people to share their thoughts around my contributions to the industry”

He is a search engine optimization expert and it deals with organizing information.

So, you’ve got to perceive your blog as the gift to our world. People are contributing their quota to better our world which you must’ve found helpful.

Make your own contribution.

6. Adam Connell

Adam says: “Blog is an online journal to put our thoughts – nothing more and typically they would be read by friends & family”.

A blog is your life adventure.

There are many subjects you can talk about but what you’ve to embrace as a professional career and skill is the subject for business blogging.

Blogging is a serious business. Activities must appear well structured and organized towards solving one specific problem people face.

7. Marko Saric

Marko says: “A blog is whatever you want it to be or whatever you make it be

For this, my opinion is similar to Greg Narayan.

8. Ian Cleary

Ian says: “A blog is a magnet that attracts your potential customers if you write high-quality relevant content”

A blog that went through refining and planning will attract quality potential customers (also called leads).

I’ve been there, seen it happen and is happening again. If you haven’t join BillBlogger train, join us now.

And lastly,

9. Adekunle Kazeem

Adekunle says: “A blog is your unique voice and personality about a subject”.

It’s your life, what you want, how and why you want it. It’s your unique contribution to our world. So be real with it.

Cultural economic

Think about this – Mankind has been through the Stone Age, Iron Age, and Industrial age.

stone age

The name must have been derived from economy survival in that period.

We’re in the ICT age; an era where you must use your unique story and life experiences diligently coupled with a pleasing personality to sell your skill.

You can’t fake great personality but can train yourself mentally and physically, and be who you want to be – that’s personal integrity.

Final words

If you want to boost your economic monetary value in the marketplace, embrace your skill and marketing it using business blogging is essential.

Read what 9 online marketers perceived to be business blogging Share on X

It’s beneficial for you either as an employee or employer. And it will help you get jobs, customers, and clients.

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Mr. Kazeem is a digital marketer and the lead coach at BillBlogger. He likes to write about blogging and its value in advancing your career or growing your business.

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