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How I Got Motivated to Start Business Blogging

My world into online marketing started with selling people products, popularly called affiliate marketing. Blogging was the marketing tool I was utilized.


Over time, I studied business blogging to an extent I discovered a suitable application- to help people create a high-income online job by monetizing their skill using business blogging. 


But in other to sell my mission, I must first sell the value of the mission. People must understand how beneficial my product is and become confident it will help solve their problem.


Thus, to achieve this objective, I used business blogging to convey my messages.


Likewise, if you want to sell your skill online, you must deliver value to people first for free.


Don’t become obsessed with the money you are dreaming of making. The money will surely come when you deliver value first.


Most times, what you think you have in exchange for people’s money is not satisfactory. It could either be low in quality, or it’s entirely not what consumers want.


Thus, you have to exercise patience to understand your customers and build a quality product that will meet their needs.


The purpose of business blogging is to connect with your targeted consumers, understand their needs, and build solutions that will satisfy them.


These should be your motivation towards business blogging. Anything otherwise is an error path.


Business blogging is about purpose over profit. The purpose is a clear business mission and vision statement. 

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Adekunle Kazeem

Adekunle Kazeem

He is a digital marketer and a business blogging expert. He wants to help advance your career.

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