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How to Achieve Professionalism in Blogging

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Life is about service to one another.

Look at yourself, all that you are wearing, the food you’ve eaten, the shelter you take abode to shield yourself from rain, sun and cold; they are products and services provided by other people like you.

You have to deliver yours to people as well.

You will be doing this through your gift or talent which appears as your duties and responsibilities to our planet earth.

This talent is what you must convert into professional skills which need focus, continuous learning, patience and determination to surmount every challenge that will surely come and you will succeed.

How You Can Discover Your Talent

If you haven’t discovered your talent yet, you’ve to keep passing through the medium of self-discovery.

You have to be an adventurer.

Take up any and many challenging work or as a job and do it.

Engage yourself in many activities both new and old you have never done before.

You have to assume many duties and responsibility as roles.

Through hard work, you will discover your greatest strength. It must be an activity with growing passion and enjoyment.

This is your talent, focus at it and build it into a professional skill.

By professional skill, go and learn more about it.

Enroll in college or academy that will upgrade your knowledge and skills.

This professional skill will be your blogging subject and you will be upgrading your knowledge and skills as well while blogging.

Benefits of Blogging to Your Talent and Skills

1. Blogging will serve as a platform for socio-communication and relationship building, a platform to teach your targeted audience about your professional subject.

2. You will help them solve their problems and deliver excellent solutions.

3. Blogging will help you nurture your talent into a professional skill while in the activity of blogging. You don’t have to be highly knowledgeable and skillful about the subject before you start.

A disadvantage is, you might not start delivering solutions or do anything to make money but build yourself professionally first before you do.

If you want to make money quickly blogging, sell other people solution for a fixed commission (this is affiliate marketing).  

Factors That Will Make Your Blogging Business Profitable

What influence profitability of a blogging business is the choice of subject, product or service that will generate sales and with due diligence and management, you will make a profit.  

1. It must solve the problem.

The choice of your blog subject, the product, and service to sell must solve a problem.

The problem must be what your target audience feel its pain.

Something that is giving them worries; causing sleepless night and making them feel unstable.

Though, the degree of pain and problem differs, nevertheless, it’s the same.

The job is to present your business as a solution provider that will change the pain to something they will find relieve, feel happy, better and satisfactory.

2. The subject must feel a problem.

The subject must be addressing a problem even if your target audience doesn’t feel and agree with it yet.

If the subject is solving a specific problem your target audience doesn’t regard yet as a problem, enlighten them about it till they accept it as a problem they deserve to take action seriously and solve.

The same analogy applies to a problem that appears light, where people don’t feel it and regard it as a problem.

It’s your job to further enlighten them about it, win their heart and present your business product or service as the solution.

Examples can be found in health subject such as obese.

Some people don’t regard obese as a problem. They keep adding fat either to their whole body or only in the belly region.

Many felt to be slim and bony is healthy, even sexy and not a problem.

Some felt not building muscle mass is not a problem and some felt not consciously eating a healthy meal is not a problem.

It’s your duty as a blogger to elaborate on it, win their souls and present your product or service as the solution.

Another example is home gardening.

Many people don’t know how significant it is to have and maintain a green lawn, either at their home or office.

They don’t know the problem it can solve if they maintain a garden or green lawn and the problem it can create if they neglect it.

Whatever subject matter you are treating, think outside the box.

Think about the problems that can emanate from that subject.

Think about its use to people.

Rather than allowing people to keep playing the ignorance card, you can enlighten them, win their heart in the process and present your product and business as the ultimate solution.

3. Signs of want

If your subject is already wanted, that is a clear sign it will be profitable.

For example, people are requesting for service on home interior decoration, office or any type of decoration offline, it’s a clear go-ahead sign that if you bring it online, request for such service will continue and will be profitable as well.

Also, an existing online market filled with buyers is a clear sign your business will be profitable and valuable. You can go ahead and start making your own contribution, your own impact and keep building your business.

4. Written as best seller book

If you check online book and magazine stores and your subject has been written like a book and it’s a best seller; this is a clear sign that your subject will be a profitable business.

Though it is not compulsory the book has to be a best-seller, the subject might be highly competitive with a large market.

As far as many books have been written on that subject, it has feedbacks; it’s a sign of a profitable business.

In addition, an online physical store can give you insight.

5. Online research

If you search your subject and it shows a lot of results with adverts at the top, it means the subject will a profitable business, the market is available.

blogging_business_Google Search_How_to_Achieve _Professionalism_in _Blogging


You can achieve professionalism in blogging by finding your strength, learn more about it through college, academy or mentorship, utilize blogging to keeping learning more and start building a helpful relationship with followers, develop professional skills and building a business out of it through excellent services.

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