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9 Benefits of Career Blogging

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Any activity you are earning from while doing it is an occupation. It becomes a career when you spend time acquiring the necessary training and practicing it for a long time.

What is career blogging?

Career blogging is a strategic approach towards communicating your career’s subject matter for an increase in value. It could involve product creation and building an online business.


For example, business blogging is my career. There is a tremendous benefit for blogging about your job to boost its value in the marketplace. Examples are an increase in visibility, gaining prospective customers, etc.

Skill blogging

A successful career is a culmination of skill, a deliberate attempt to solve a problem by learning the activities involved and keeping practicing them continuously.  

Skill blogging is when you are communicating what you have learned with the purpose of enlightening others. 

Blogging makes it possible to organize information into topics for easy comprehension based on people’s quests and problems.

For example, successful business blogging entails marketing strategy, traffic, website setup, website management, etc.

By nature, anything will either grow or decline. Although growth metrics is quantifiable, it’s limitless.

This analogy is also true for the value of your career in terms of the income, influence and impact. 

One of the actions you can take to boost its value is to systematically blog about it.

9 benefit of career blogging.

1. Visibility


When you publish and promote relevant quality content about your career, it increases the visibility of your work.

I believe you’d like to make substantial contribution to your industry. The effect of boosting the value of your career is enormous.

Thus, constant improvement in your visibility is paramount. 

You can’t keep mute and accept it’s alright. You have to strive to be well known to your targeted audience.

When you embrace the best practice and strategies for business blogging, you will gain higher visibility.

2. Prospects

Career blogging gives you the platform to attract prospective buyers.

When you have them, enlighten them about the offer you used to attract them. 

If you have a product, tell them about it. Convince them it is the best solution to the problem.

3. Organic traffic


That information you see when you Google are organic search results. 

If your website gets listed and prospective readers are clicking to visit, that’s organic traffic. It’s free and cost-effective.

Organic traffic gives room for potential customers to discover you through search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckgo, and Yandex.

If you are not blogging relevant information about your career, there is no way prospective customers will discover you.

You are not contributing information on search engines. Therefore, make sure you embrace career blogging.

4. Trust


Blogging quality and relevant contents that fulfil readers’ need will increase trust for your brand.

They will feel the perception of what you can offer as a premium service. Thus, it increases the buying decision. 

This makes readers’ trust you and it builds a cordial relationship.

5. Insight


Blogging is a social engagement platform that provides opportunities for readers to make contributions or request. This helps with better understanding of your targeted audience. 

Thus, watch out for signs through the topics they like most. Ask questions and know how best you can serve them. 

They will give you insight into what they want and what they can pay for. This helps in delivering higher quality service and product that satisfies their want.

6. Knowledge


With the information published via blogging, you are contributing knowledge to the industry. This increases your value among peers and customers.

Besides, it can bring enormous network opportunities such as joint venture and partnership for a product or service, speaking invitation, networking at annual conferences, product or service launch and much more you can’t envisage.

7. Emotional Intelligence


The art of blogging allows for personal expression. 

It encourages the reader’s feedback such as how it has helped solve their problems. Such information can strengthen prospective buyers’ confidence and boost patronage.

8. Virality


Blog website has a feature that makes it easy for readers to share your content with loved ones, families and friends if they find it beneficial for them. Thus, you will be gaining traffic. 

This boosts your website ability to rank higher on search engines which in turn leads to more prospective buyers even with less promotion budget. 

9. Leadership


Lastly, career business blogging makes you a thought leader in your industry. This makes your targeted audience trust you as a problem solver.


Business blogging has tremendous benefits to boost the value of your career. 

When you see what is going wrong in the society, and you are creating contents to orientate people about it, they will appreciate you.

When you recognize problems people are facing and your career can proffer solutions either free or premium, people will value you more than someone who does nothing with the same knowledge or skill.


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