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How to Set up WordPress Website

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After getting your domain name and web-hosting, install WordPress with one-click.

With successful installation, you’ll be notified with a congratulatory message.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_Success20

To access your new blog, click the URL:

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_Blog21

This is what your blog visitors will see also called the front-end.

This is where you’ll carry out more blog setup; configuration and settings; design and customization in the administrative region.

This is the web address:

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_AdminDashboard22

That’s where you’ll create and publish your blog post.

To start blogging, simply move your mouse over the post menu, choose Add New.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_PostMenu23

And you’ll be driven to a new page to create your post.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_AddNew24

The first horizontal space is for the post title, the large space under is for the body of content.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_NewPost25

If you’re okay with everything typed, click Publish.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_Publish26

Here is the newly publish blog post.

How to Start A WordPress Blog on Qservers_BlogPost27

So, start your profitable blogging business on a rocky foundation.

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