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The Difference Between Single Author and Multi-Author Blog

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re already blogging or about to start, you’re smart for willing to know something about the difference between a single author and multi-author blog.

In this post, you’ll understand their advantages and disadvantages to your business, single_author_blog_Billbloggerand the factors that can influence your choice for either of them.

Single-author blog

This blog is simply written, operated and managed by one person.

Good features of a single-author blog

1. It covers a single topic to a few which makes it appears well-focused with lots of content.

This helps search engines to quickly understand the topics the blog specializes in.

The result: it helps with content organization, higher search ranking, and greater website (domain) authority.

2. The author is most probably the owner, sole-administrator, and controller of the blog.

extrovert_billbloggerThis makes decision making to be faster.

3. A single-author blog has a sense of personal touch and feeling with readers. This relationship can get stronger and increase trust over time or even quickly.

4. If the blog is successful, you can easily identify the brain behind it and give accolades where permissible.

5. A single-author blog is easy to establish and launch with quick decision making, low budget and it’s the most popular in terms of figures.

6. Most single-author blogs have authoritative information and advice. These make them the go-to blog for the best information and services.

It major downsides are:

1. Single author blogs don’t publish always, like every few hours or days.

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It takes time to create original and quality content, design all the images, creates videos and even publishes to a standard great for users’ experience.

2. Blog design of many single-author blogs looks fair and even poor, most probably because of the low budget.

3. As a one-man show, a single-author blog is prone to high risk and the owner bears the losses alone.

In addition, the lifespan of most single-author is short. If the blogger is no more due to inevitable causes, so be it.

Thus, if a single-author blog is what you like to start, only what you can afford, do it, it’s better that way than nothing, later, you upgrade to multi-author blog.

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Multi-author blog

This blog is written by two or more people, managed by a team of people who constitute an editorial and publishing board.

Most large corporate organization and government institutions operate a multi-author blog, likewise individuals.

A multi-author blog requires a huge budget and the quality of their contents is usually high.

It passes through so many heads such as editorial department, to the research department, graphics department, marketing department and etc for better decision making.


Most Multi-author blog has better design outlook, and it covers lots of subject and topics.

This makes it a large publishing entity with diverse information you can devour, huge visitors attraction, more readership, and returnees.

Daily news publishing firm, universities, think tank group and community, an advocacy group, and the non-government organization operates a multi-author blog.

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Advantages of a multi-author blog

1. A multi-author blog has diverse information and content published daily; this helps generates lots of traffic, views, and increase in popularity.

The result: readers will stick around for more information.

2. Each author has a unique writing style and mode for delivering a message which endears followership.

This is a goldmine for an author with large followership and raving fans.

3. A multi-author blog can have a list of authoritative writers if well-structured.

This will be of great advantage if, a lot of factors are considered towards achieving it.

4. A multi-author blog gives room for the founder to carry out other important responsibilities embellish with strength.

Disadvantages of a multi-author blog

1. It covers a lot of subjects where many of its authors can’t establish themselves as an authority over time.

So, they can’t compete favorably with a single-author blog that has been built over time to an authority level.

2. Since multi-author blog handles many niches and subjects which can negatively affect their traffic through search ranking (SEO).


Because it takes time for search engines to figure out which specific niche the blog belongs to and the topics they handle.

In addition, even if the niche is well optimized and understandable to search engines, they might find it highly competitive with a single-author blog who specialized in the same niche.

3. You might never know who truly contributed to its success or failure.

Who is working, what is working and what isn’t?

This can’t be easily determined by reader views even when a survey is being carried out. It’ll be inaccurate and hard to justify.

What influences the choice for either single-author or multi-author blog?

1. Low capital

If you’re just starting and on a low budget, you’ll probably begin as a single-author blog.

This is better than doing nothing about your dream blogging career which appears dead if no action is taken.

With the action taken as a single-author blog, over time, you’ll employ more qualified writers or have something of value to form a partnership with established like-minded successful bloggers for expansion into a multi-author blog.

2. Concept

The initial conceptual idea for your blogging business start-up, based on its subject, mission, and vision can influence your choice to start as single or multi-author.

For example, you want to start a blog about your career. Let assume dental care.

To achieve this, you’ll need a few of your colleagues, practicing the field to form a team of authors for the blogging business project.

In that wise, multi-author blog will be born.

3. Business

A business organization working to fulfill its marketing goals can embrace blogging as an effective information and communication platform that bridges the gap between their brands and customers; build a fruitful relationship and achieve the company’s aim and objectives.

A multi-author blog will definitely be the kind of blog to establish.

This blog will comprise of writers and content developers with their unique strength, the contribution from staff already working for the organization in various departments such as sales & marketing, technical, research & development, product, brand, public relation to customer services department; and staff who understand the brands and its target audiences.

4. Advocacy

For an advocacy group with specific aim and objectives, the single-author blog will be the preferred choice.

As time passes and interested members join the group, it can be upgraded to multi-author blog.

5. Personal

A personal blog is based on personal experiences, teaching people the topics you love, sharing your traveling experiences or your journey towards overcoming illness and achieving a tough specific goal.

These scenarios can best be express better and accurately as a single-author blog.

Only you know.

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To draw the curtain

I believe you’ve understood what single author and multi-author blog are, their differences and benefits it meant to your business decision-making.

The likely problems that might emanate and ultimately what can influence your decision to choose either of them.

Whatever you think, make sure you start now. It takes a bit of time to grow and build.

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