The Ultimate Meaning of Business Blogging

Business-blogging-ultimate-meaning -of-business-blogging

Do you have a skill you’re practising and want to market it? Perhaps, you’ve got a product or service to sell. Business blogging will help you achieve your goal. Keep reading and you’ll discover how possible. The origin of “Blog” The blog was coined from 2 words; “web” and “log”: Web-Log (We[blog]). Web A web […]

The Ugly Truth about Skill

Kanu_How_to_Achieve _Professionalism_in _Blogging

Do you wonder how people become skilled in a certain activity? Such as being a great writer, poet, sportsman, scientist, engineer, and leader, whatever. You think they were born with it (it’s a natural gift)? But can you remember how you strive to get started walking as a toddler? Your instinct pushes you to try […]

10 Profitable Online Business You Can Start


Online business is lifestyle activities of helping people solve their problems; provide their needs in reward for money or any agreed reward. It involves communication, mutual relationship as a seller with a buyer, your character (consistent practice of the activity), values and behaviour. With the improvement in technology, there is virtually no business you […]

An Ingenious Approach to Make Money Online This 2022


You must have made money before, such as selling goods, getting monthly salary or performing a specific job for money. If you haven’t, you must have bought something like food. Anyways you have interacted with money, it is the same principle you will make money online. The money principle: You must offer something of value to […]

11 Types of Blogs You Should Know


Ever since the first blog was published and people associated with it, found it useful, the art of blogging has grown into many types and categories. Now, businesses are taking advantage of it to connect with customers, strengthen the connection, and you can make money blogging as well. So, how does blogging becomes classified as […]

9 Ways to Make Money Online


You are familiar with the online buzzing activities, especially how people make money through it. There is no secret – they offer services of great value and high demand to their target consumer in return for money. In the ages of our fore-fathers where trade by barter was the norm, down to our generation with […]