How to Create Powerful Contents for Business Blogging


Contents are the currency of business blogging. Content is king. It’s the energy of business blogging. It can be in text, document, graphical image, video and audio format. Contents are the greatest mode of marketing and selling your idea, product or service every day. Without it, you’re not yet in business. Consider it the LIFEBLOOD […]

How to Host your Business Blogging Website

Web hosting is the second requirement for establishing your business blogging website after domain name registration. To understand web hosting, imagine your website as a physical office. The land used to erect an office building and store goods and office equipment for business purpose is web hosting. Technically, web hosting is a hosting service provider […]

How to Choose a Domain Name for Business Blogging


A domain name is a unique identity that represents your business blogging venture. It’s the name visitors will type into a web address bar to access the information about your business. It represents your business brand. An example is BillBlogger. Before you register a domain name, prepare at least 3 to 5 names arranged based […]

My Perspective about Career Goal Breakdown

Career goal breakdown

Career goal breakdown is crucial to avoid career breakdown.  Career breakdown is when you feel like not going for work. The passion for the job is dwindling. Now, in other to avoid frequent career break down, you need to understand career goal breakdown. Let’s look at a career with a microscopic eye. I want to […]

Benefits of Blogging about your Skill and Career


Who doesn’t want growth? If you like to boost your career’s value, either at your workplace or within the job market as a job seeker. You’ve got to add extra effort- take extra-ordinary actions.   This extra layer of effort is marketing your skill and career. In other to achieve it, business blogging is an […]

Why Developing a Skill is the Panacea to Make Money Online


When it comes to making money online, it is about delivering value. People will consider you valuable when you solve their problems. Reading this post, explaining how possible developing a skill will solve your money problem is a sign. Leave a comment at the end if you find it beneficial. How can you become valuable? […]